4 Things to Put on Your Fall Season Bucket List

4 Things to Put on Your Fall Season Bucket List

Fall is a wonderful time of year! The crisp, cool air, the leaves turning… and fall goes fast. Here are some great ideas to put on your fall season bucket list to enjoy this time of year.

Happy Hiking

If you enjoy walking or hiking, make sure to grab your women’s fleece jacket and enjoy the mild weather before winter’s chill sets in. Whether you have a favorite route in your neighborhood or enjoy the adventure of hiking new trails, set aside some time for this one. Are there hiking trails near your home or even an hour or two away that are especially beautiful? Do you have hiking goals like being able to hike a certain distance or try a new level of terrain? Fall is the perfect time for this. It’s not too hot and not too cold.

Hiking in a national park that is new to you can be great fun. If it’s close by you can make it a day trip, or if it’s a bit farther it would be perfect for a weekend getaway. Camping out in the fall is delightful. You miss the high heat of summer and still get all of the fun of fresh air, campfires, and mother nature. If the weather is still warm, you may also have the opportunity to get out on the water whether it’s canoeing, kayaking, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Orchards, Arboretums, and Parks—Oh My!

Whether you like picking apples, enjoying beautiful foliage, or hanging out in a park, fall is the perfect season for these activities. If you can schedule a fall vacation, why not pack your travel bags and enjoy a fall foliage tour? It can be a great way to relax and get away before the holiday season gets going.

If you need to stay closer to home, go online and see what local sights are available to you. Do you have an orchard nearby? Go pick apples and bake some of them into a pie. Enjoy nature by visiting an arboretum or a lovely park for an afternoon while the weather is still warm enough to make it comfy.

Backyard Entertaining

Do you love to grill out and entertain in your backyard or on your deck? Enjoy those Adirondack chairs while you can! Backyard cookouts don’t have to end with Labor Day. Why not grill out when the weather is expected to be mild and have fun making s’mores? As long as you have fire to gather around and some jackets and blankets, a fall evening can be magical. If it’s too chilly for some of the crowd, they can eat delicious grilled food indoors while the heartier members of your crew enjoy the gorgeous autumn evening.

Enjoying your backyard in the fall can also be a fun at-home date night. If you have little ones, put them to bed and then spend some well-deserved alone time with your partner on the deck over a candlelight meal, or wine and cheese. Leave the electronics indoors, unwind, and enjoy just being together. Bring a fleece throw for snuggling.

Dig Into Fall Gardening

Do you have fall gardening clean-up to do? Grab a men’s hoodie and get to it! Everything from raking (and jumping into!) leaves to clearing annuals from flower beds can be refreshing. There's something about spending time outdoors without electronics and seeing the progress you make that's rejuvenating. Spend a weekend afternoon and make it a family activity. Do you have plants that need protection from the winter weather that's fast approaching? Now's the perfect time to make sure it gets done.

The best spring gardens start with intentional choices in the fall. The season is also fun because it's the time for planting spring flowers like daffodils and tulips. Why not map out a field of yellow for your yard? Early spring bulbs are amazing. You bury them in the ground in the fall and they suddenly bloom with a burst of color to brighten your days when everything else still looks like winter. Read up on new ideas for your spring garden that you can get started on now. Maybe you'll want to create a new flower bed so it's ready to go at the end of the winter. Do you want to try your hand at growing herbs or vegetables next spring? Why not mark off the space now and learn about what you can do to prepare the soil in advance so it's as fertile as possible once it turns warm?

Fall won’t last! Make sure to enjoy it while it is here by putting some fun fall bucket list activities on your calendar.


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