5 Summer Staycation Ideas

5 Summer Staycation Ideas

Are you planning a summer staycation? Lucky you! Staycations can be the most relaxing times of all. Let’s look at some great summer staycation ideas.

Gardening Staycation

Do you have a green thumb? Why not schedule a summer staycation to get some of those gardening goals going. Whether you’re getting caught up on basic garden maintenance, building or buying new planters, beginning to harvest fresh veggies or herbs, or adding some beautiful color to your garden, there’s always something fun to do.

Sometimes planning your garden can be half the fun! In addition to taking care of those growing plants, consider planning out what will be blooming when so you will have lovely blooms to view from your deck or patio. Do you need some new outdoor furniture? Why not rearrange or spruce up your lounging area while you are at it. You’ll be creating a relaxing spot to enjoy after you go back to work, too.

Movie Staycation

Are there summer blockbusters that you haven’t seen yet? A favorite movie series that you would love to watch in a movie marathon? A movie staycation can include both in-theater experiences as well as on-demand streaming. You could go for 3-D or IMAX in person or do the cozy at-home version depending upon the day (or night). Plan the titles whether you are going solo, watching with your partner, or having the whole crew available. That way, you won’t be wondering which streaming service to access to find the movies when it is time to watch them.

At-home movies have the advantages of exactly the snacks and drinks that you prefer, your favorite fleece throw, and no dress code so if you want to put on your PJs, you can.

Decluttering Staycation

Do you love books and articles about minimalism, want to repurpose a spare bedroom as your new home office, or just need to get rid of stuff? A decluttering staycation can be refreshing and productive. Make sure to set specific and reasonable goals in advance. If you have been living in the same home for years, decluttering the whole thing in one week isn’t realistic for most of us. Choose specific areas to declutter, set small, feasible goals like getting a specific number of bags or boxes ready per day, have a plan for getting them out of your house during your staycation, and then celebrate your success.

Once you have decluttered, look at your décor and see if you want to change things up a bit. Perhaps that chair would look better near the window, or a couple of new throw pillows would brighten up your sofa.

Home Improvement Staycation

Whether you have a long list of projects that you have been longing to tackle or want to repaint one room, a home improvement staycation can be a great opportunity to create a cozier home. Put on your project manager’s hat and plan out the supplies, people, tasks, and amount of time for your DIY staycation. Things always run more smoothly when you have everything you need in advance. It’s also a good idea to leave yourself plenty of cushion in any schedule that you plan (things happen). And, of course, you’ll want to reward yourself for your accomplishments along the way. If you’re working all day, plan easy and delicious meals, an evening walk, or a fun movie to relax during your downtime.

In addition to big projects, you can plan a quick refresh project, too. Would your bedroom look and feel cozier with a new duvet and new bed sheets? It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the last time we did things like buying new linens. If you can’t recall, it’s probably time to treat yourself.

Spa Staycation

For the ultimate in self-care, plan a spa staycation. Whether you plan a solo spa staycation or one with a partner, plan to treat all five of your senses with your spa staycation. Create a pleasing spa experience, especially in your bedroom and bathroom, with clean surfaces, plenty of white, and pretty pillows and towels. Choose relaxing instrumental music to enjoy for your spa experience. Buy some fresh flowers or indulge in your favorite essential oils. Make sure to have a thick and cozy women’s robe handy. And, of course, chocolate is always a good addition to a spa experience!

Focus on relaxation, skincare, haircare, and nail care. Make a list and buy all the basics, from cleansers to exfoliants to moisturizers. Have a fresh stack of towels available. Buy loofah sponges and bath gel. Have the supplies handy for a DIY mani-pedi. Try some new products like a facial mask or deep conditioner for your hair. Perfume is good, too! Enjoy a wonderful summer staycation!



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