7 Places You Need to Visit This Summer

7 Places You Need to Visit This Summer

Don't you love summer vacations? Are you looking for a new vacation spot? Here are seven places you need to visit this summer!

Vancouver, Canada

Our neighbor to the North has some great vacation spots, and some of them are both literally and figuratively cool. Vancouver may be known for its skiing and snowboarding, but in the summer, it sports mild temperatures ranging from 70 F to 85 F. In addition to festivals, including the Celebration of Light, an international fireworks competition spanning three nights, you can head a bit further north to Whistler Mountain for some of the best hiking trails you’ll ever find.

Be sure to pack your comfiest women’s shorts and T-shirts for hiking. If you have new hiking boots, you’ll want to break them in before your trip.

Tulum, Mexico

Located on the eastern coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is known for preserved Mayan ruins and gorgeous white-sand beaches. Its history and natural beauty are unmatched. You can tour the Mayan ruins or spend the day soaking in the sun and just letting go of all the busy activities of your day-to-day life back home.

Be sure to pack a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher along with your favorite tankini top and beach cover-up. If it’s been a while since you have been sunglasses shopping, treat yourself to a pair of shades that will protect your eyes while looking great, too.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is chock-full of fun things to do, from its gorgeous beaches to Universal Studios to the famous Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. From incredible shopping opportunities to beautiful sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, you’ll love Los Angeles. Whether you love the lore of old Hollywood or just want some of the prettiest beaches in the U.S. and the best restaurants to boot, you’ll love a trip to Los Angeles this summer.

Los Angeles is known for its casual vibe, so be sure to pack your favorite women’s cotton tank tops and cut off jean shorts. If you plan to take in any of the finer restaurants, however, check for dress codes in advance or include a dress and heels or a nice pantsuit and elegant flats. Californians may seem to live on the beach, but they still dress up when the occasion calls for it.


If you want to travel to paradise this summer, go to Hawaii. The natural wonders will dazzle your eyes while the fresh local cuisine will tempt you back for more. From lounging on the beach, swimming in the surf, or hiking at the Diamond Head Volcano, Honolulu is especially full of fabulous choices for tourists.

If you bring the whole family, consider visiting the Honolulu Zoo or strolling around the Kualoa Ranch Nature Reserve, where movies like Jurassic Park and Jumanji were filmed. Whatever else you choose to do, pack the family swimwear and spend some time enjoying the sun, the surf, and the sand. And take plenty of photos, too! A family vacation to Hawaii is a chance to make memories that will last for years to come.


Columbia is increasingly popular as a must-visit vacation spot. Cartagena has a history that goes back to the 16th century through its Old Town area, which sports cobblestone streets and colorful colonial buildings. Medellín, the city of Eternal Spring, offers art and culture as well as hiking in nearby mountains. And, of course, the white sand beaches make an incredible backdrop to it all.

From New York, the flight to Cartagena is typically less than five hours, making for a busy but feasible travel day there and back. Be sure to pack your women’s travel bag with not only must-have items like identification, credit cards, prescription medication, and glasses or contact lenses. Don't forget your swimsuit, a great book, and an extra phone charger. On the off chance that your luggage gets lost, you will want to be comfy and ready for the beach!


For an exotic and relaxing vacation, consider Monaco. This tiny independent city-state on the Mediterranean coastline of France sports incredible scenery, sunset picnics along the Seine, the old Hollywood lore of Grace Kelly, who became Princess Grace of Monaco, and incredible local cuisine. A maxi dress and comfy sandals will take you from sight-seeing along the boardwalk out to lunch or dinner. When you soak up the local culture and enjoy the coastline and beautiful architecture, you’ll see why movies from the James Bond franchise and more have been filmed in Monaco.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia is known as the crown jewel of the North Atlantic Coast. If you prefer an adventure closer to home and perhaps one with unparalleled outdoor opportunities, consider Acadia National Park in Maine. From beaches to lovely walking trails to hiking trails for the fittest among us, Acadia has it all. Campers will need to plan to include getting a parking permit and campsite reservations. If you stay in town instead of camping, be sure to find a dinner spot that serves lobster and perhaps a brunch spot with freshly baked blueberry muffins. You’ll be glad you did! Enjoy your fabulous summer vacation!


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