6 Ideas for a Memorable Destination Wedding

6 Ideas for a Memorable Destination Wedding

Have you ever dreamed of a destination wedding? If so, you’ll want to make it as memorable as possible. Let’s look at some ideas for destination weddings that everyone involved will be talking about for years to come.

Vineyard Wedding in California

Why not choose a California vineyard for your beautiful wedding? Many vineyards have buildings designed for wine tastings that can morph into gorgeous wedding venues. This is a destination that you will want to plan far in advance as venues can book up early. Vineyard weddings lend themselves to having everything in one location. You can have a beautiful (indoor or outdoor) wedding followed by a reception and wedding dinner without having to relocate to another venue. Long dresses from wedding gowns to more casual maxi dresses look right at home in such a beautiful natural setting. A vineyard can often accommodate either small or large weddings, but intimate destination weddings are often the best ones. That way you’ll have plenty of time to visit with all your family and friends who are there.

NYC Wedding

Do you and your fiancé love the Big Apple? Why not make it a New York City wedding? In this metropolis, you will find venues from rooftop restaurants to parks to chic restaurants. And your guests will love tacking on some extra vacation time to explore museums, night spots, and shopping.

When planning an NYC wedding, make sure to explore when wedding venues are most popular. If you can go a bit “off-season”, you will find your dream wedding becoming much more affordable. Make sure to bring good walking shoes for any days before or after the wedding. You’ll want to throw on those comfy women’s jeans and a comfy top by day to explore the city.

Beach Wedding in Hawaii

Is there anything more romantic than a beach wedding? Hawaii has the advantage of perfect “wedding weather” year-round. Wear your gorgeous wedding outfit and make sure that you have a photographer to capture those memories. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit! Once the wedding day is done, you will want to luxuriate on a beautiful beach and soak up those rays.

If you opt for this one, why not consider having the entire event on the beach? Instead of heading indoors or to a different location for the wedding dinner, you could make your wedding dinner an elegant picnic with the most memorable views possible.

Paris Wedding

Ah… Paris! If you love this European city (and who doesn’t — even if it is just in a bucket list kind of way?), why not consider getting married in the City of Light. From hotels to museums and more, the venue options are wonderful. The architecture alone is worth packing your women’s travel bag for this idea.

Double-check to make sure that you will be legally hitched afterward! Getting legally married in France is only possible through a civil ceremony at the council office. The wedding couple can then follow this with whatever religious or secular ceremony they prefer at whatever venue they prefer. Another option would be a civil ceremony at home to make it legal and then enjoy the pomp and circumstance in Paris.

Golf Wedding in Scotland

If you and your fiancé are both avid golfers, why not get married where it all started? Talk about a memorable destination wedding! You could get married on the links and then enjoy a round of golf with the entire wedding party.

Make sure to find out the requirements of any golf courses you will play, but you’ll probably look just as sharp as the locals in a collared women’s polo shirt and golf pants. For more formal courses, make sure to check the dress code in advance. It’s always best to remember that customs and culture can be quite different from your home country, and you will want to be remembered as a polite visitor to Scotland.

Hiking and Camping Wedding

If you and your sweetheart are the outdoorsy types, why not plan a camping wedding in a location with gorgeous views and hiking opportunities? This one can have the advantages of being either far away or close to home. Do you prefer the ease of domestic travel? From national parks to mountain campsites, there are many options from which to choose.

From women’s chino shorts to T-shirts to good hiking boots, you will want to have all of your bases covered to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery. Make sure to factor in both the location and time of year that you will be there camping and hiking. Many locations can get hot during the day but require a cozy jacket at night. A fleece throw for snuggling with your new spouse by the fire is a great idea.

Enjoy a wonderful and memorable destination wedding!


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