5 Holiday Activities to Do With The Whole Family

Holiday Lights

A fun after-dinner activity for the whole family is to bundle everyone up in their winter coats and take a drive together to look at holiday lights. This is a fun activity because seeing holiday lights can truly be magical. By taking a drive to enjoy them, you make this accessible for everyone’s ages and abilities. Consider putting the little ones into their pajamas before you venture out. That way, you can just unbuckle them and carry them to bed when you get home.

See if your local newspaper or news sites have information about holiday decorations. There are often popular neighborhoods or community spots known for having beautiful decorations. Also, just tour around a bit. Half the fun of looking at holiday lights is finding pretty displays in unexpected spots. Driving at night is also relaxing.

Holiday Decorating

Decorating your home for the holidays is a great activity to do with the whole family. Some tasks like hanging holiday lights or activities that require climbing up on ladders may be best left to the big kids or spry adults, but the great part about holiday decorating is that it can include everything from making paper snowflakes at the dining room table to putting decorations on the roof. Plan something fun that each member of the family can do to decorate.

It’s also a great idea to see if you have enough storage bins and boxes for all of your decorations. Sorting them by type and having them well labeled when you put them away after the holidays makes getting them back out next year much easier. Be extra careful with decorations that are fragile or have sentimental value. Whether it’s the glass ornaments for the tree or the paper chain made by your little one, you’ll want to preserve the items that are most important to your family. White tissue paper and bubble wrap can both be helpful in cushioning delicate items. Make sure that any boxes or totes that you use for storage are sturdy, labeled, and stacked in safe ways for their contents.

Holiday Baking

Holiday baking is a great activity for the whole family. Whether your crew all like to be in the kitchen at the same time, or some of them would prefer to just decorate baked goods with frosting or sprinkles, that’s fine. Eating the finished product is also considered participation! Just be sure to enjoy them around the dining room table or in front of the fire together and maybe add a holiday movie. Get cozy with fleece throws and enjoy a quiet evening together in the midst of all of the holiday hubbub. Pro tip: if you aren’t really a baker, store-bought cookie dough comes in all kinds of fun holiday flavors, some of them are pre-decorated with colored dough, and they can be ready in minutes for a fun treat. Enjoy what works for your family.

Holiday Crafting

Holiday crafts range from simple and easy to elaborate and ornate. If you enjoy crafting with the whole family (or would like to try it for the first time this year), check out the internet for ideas. There are tons of crafting sites and videos for inspiration. Consider decorating holiday T-shirts or adult sweatshirts and kids’ sweatshirts with fabric glue and glitter. Buy a T-shirt or sweatshirt for each member of the family, cover your dining room table to protect it from glue and glitter, and have fun. This is one of those low-key holiday activities that spark conversations about how creative or silly each person’s sweatshirt will be. Some of the best family conversations happen when we have simple activities to engage in while we talk.

Holiday Volunteering

Volunteering is a great holiday activity. The makeup of your family will determine what types of volunteer activities you can all do together, but with a bit of creativity, you’re bound to find something fun and meaningful. Check out the internet or organizations that are close to your heart for activities that will work for your family. With a bit of explanation, even the littlest members of your family will enjoy things like making crafts for children who might not have as many decorations as your family or bundling up in your winter accessories and going grocery shopping to get yummy food for families who will enjoy it for their holiday celebrations.

With a bit of creativity, your whole family can enjoy holiday activities together. Have a warm and wonderful holiday season together!


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