5 Essential Big and Tall Pieces to Wear This Summer

5 Essential Big and Tall Pieces to Wear This Summer

Every season presents plenty of opportunities to show off your personal style, and summer is no exception. When it’s really hot out, though, it’s easier to focus on staying cool than putting together a stylish outfit. However, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy both. With just a few smart essentials, it’s possible to create big and tall looks that are equally comfortable and flattering. Read on to discover our top picks for warm weather and different ways to wear them. Then, choose your favorites and enjoy creating new fresh looks to rock this summer.

Cotton Tee

A cotton tee is a must-have for your big and tall summer clothing rotation. Cotton is a great choice for the heat because it's lightweight and breathable. The natural fabric helps wick moisture away from the skin for faster absorption to keep you cool and dry. Cotton tees are also soft and gentle against the skin. You can wear them all day long and stay comfortable.

Cotton tees come in a range of colors and designs. White is an especially great color to wear in warm weather. It looks good on everyone and can be worn with pretty much anything. Style your big and tall tee shirt with shorts and sandals, for example. You can also rock them with cargo pants and jeans.

Short-Sleeve Shirt

A short-sleeve dress shirt makes another trusty warm-weather companion. For a clean and classic look, go for a slimmer fit that’s not too tight. The seams should hit right at the shoulders for the most flattering fit. Keep your look simple with a shirt in a plain, solid color, or go bold with a vibrant, patterned design.

One of the best things about a short-sleeve dress shirt is its versatility. You can wear it on its own or leave it unbuttoned over a tank top or singlet. For an effortless ensemble, pair yours with chinos and loafers. You can also style your big and tall dress shirts with shorts and sneakers.

Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your summer style. Like tees and dress shirts, men’s polo shirts are breathable and comfy. They’re also versatile, timeless, and stylish. The cut along with the design details of a polo shirt, enhance the body and bring a touch of sophistication to any look.

Create a preppy summer outfit by pairing your polo shirt with khaki shorts, boat shoes, and a matching belt. You can also wear it with athletic shorts and crisp, white sneakers. Enjoying an evening out? Style your polo shirt with chino pants, lace-up sneakers, and a leather belt. If the weather calls for it, you can also add a lightweight jacket to finish off the look.

Chino Shorts

When it’s too hot for pants, you can’t beat big and tall shorts for comfort and versatility. These cropped essentials keep you cool and encourage air flow without any restriction. They’re easy to mix and match with a variety of tops and shoes. Shorts are also versatile enough to wear for a number of different occasions, from the backyard to the beach.

Chinos shorts are surprisingly easy to style when it comes to creating casual looks. Throw yours on with a T-Shirt and sneakers, for example, or pair them with a short-sleeve dress shirt. For a casual yet chic look, wear your chino shorts with a white linen shirt and leather loafers. You can always roll up the sleeves and unbutton it at the top for increased breathability.

Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are another essential big and tall item for summer, and not just for the beach! These water-resistant bottoms are also fast-drying. That means you can wear them in the water and then straight to your next activity with ease. The versatility of swim trunks makes them ideal for vacationing and on-the-go days. They’re also lightweight, which makes carrying them a breeze. Pop them in your tote or beach bag for the pool, beach, or gym.

Style your men’s big and tall swim trunks with casual tops, shoes, and accessories to create different laidback looks. You can throw them on with a tank top and flip-flops, for example, for a quick and simple outfit. They’ll also look great paired with a colorful or patterned short-sleeve shirt. At night, you can style your swim shorts with sneakers and a tee. If it gets breezy, throw on a cardigan or hoodie to complete the look.

From cotton tees to swim trunks, these big and tall essentials will keep you comfy while heating up your style. Invest in just one or two, or treat yourself to all five. No matter your pick, you can use them to create fresh and effortless looks for the summer.


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