5 Boots to Style This Fall

5 Boots to Style This Fall

When the weather gets cooler, it’s time to open your seasonal storage and bring back your favorite fall boots. This opens up so many styling possibilities, enabling you to create seasonally-appropriate outfits to brave the upcoming cold. Boots come in many varieties and styles to complement all your favorite seasonal pieces like jeggings, tunics, sweater dresses, high waist jeans, and more. Depending on what you choose to wear, the type of boot that would work the best differs. To help you put together the perfect crisp weather outfit, here are 5 boots that you can style this fall.

1. Ankle Boots

When you want boots that get you into the festive fall spirit even when the weather isn’t officially cold, then you need ankle boots. These are the ideal shoes for mild weather that calls for full-coverage footwear but without any overheating. Ankle boots are also an excellent choice for individuals who want to take the emphasis off their footwear but draw the focus to their outfit. In fact, it’s a particular favorite to wear with skinny jeans and fleece leggings.

This style is dressy enough to wear anywhere and typically comes with two types of fastenings. There is either a quick zipper to the side of the boot or a lace-up front allows you to adjust it to the perfect fit. Because this boot has a super-short length, it’s easy to slip on and off too when you're in a hurry. A quality pair will also be equipped with sound traction to keep your footing steady on wet and icy walkways. Overall, ankle boots give you that protection from cold weather that you want from boots with the bonus of a stylish silhouette.

2. For The End of Fall: Long Snow Boots

Depending on where you live, fall can get pretty cold at the very end leading into the winter months. This is why snow boots that have more length can be an excellent addition to your end-of-fall wardrobe. You can also pick boots that are less insulated if the weather still fluctuates between warm and cold. Incorporating this style enhances the coziness of your flannel shirts to make the quintessential pumpkin patch outfit. A good quality pair of long snow boots will allow your feet to stay warm inside while keeping snow, water, and slush away. With these boots in your closet, you can be prepared for the moment fall gets colder and have an outfit at the ready.

3. For Inclement Weather: Rain Boots

Fall can be a rainy season in some places because of the change in weather, so you should be prepared for some soggy days. Rain boots will have you ready for storms and sleek walkways with their waterproof uppers and outsoles. A quality pair of rain boots also have an inner cotton lining and optional padding to provide you with some extra cushion — unlike basic models that are just made of plastic.

Get rain boots that offer a flattering fit with buckles and straps so that you can wear them with any of your favorite outfits: from your cashmere sweater for women to your favorite sweats. When you get a dependable pair of rain boots, you can enjoy every day no matter the weather forecast may be.

4. For When You’re in a Rush: Slip-On Boots

Sometimes, boots can involve some lacing, buckles, or maneuvering to get them on your feet. However, many types of boots are easy to take on and off, such as styles with zippers or slip-on stretch panels. It's always a good idea to have a quick pair of slip-on boots for days when you want to head out of the door in a flash.

A typical slip-on shoe will have elastic panels, or gores, on both sides to allow the shoe to open easily then contain your foot snugly for all-day wear. These types of boots are a must-have for the days when you just want to wear some comfy clothes and head out the door in a snap.

5. For Style and Function: Duck Boots

If you're looking for the perfect boot to wear with your fall outfits, then look no further than duck boots! This shoe offers waterproof protection and wet surface traction, just like rain boots, but has more stylish details like lacing and exterior details. Overall, it strikes a balance between function and fashion.

Ducks have brilliant feathers and are naturals at navigating wet places, so it's no wonder that these boots also have the same beauty and finesse. The coziest duck boots are lined with flannel to keep your feet dry and warm at the same time—an essential for all your favorite fall activities! 

With these fall boots in your closet, you can complete your seasonal outfit with plenty of style!


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