A Guide to Working Out at Home

A Guide to Working Out at Home

You don’t need a gym membership to get in great shape. In fact, working out from home has never been easier. In today’s technological world, you can stay connected to your personal trainer or use apps to get a sweat-inducing at-home workout. You’ll need to do a little setup and adjusting, but with this guide to working out at home, you’ll get the at-home workout tips you need to succeed.

Create a Vibrant Workout Space

The key to creating the optimal at-home workout is your workout space. Even the smallest living spaces can have a dedicated at-home workout area. First, set aside some space for working out. 

Larger spaces are easy, such as a corner of a basement or a spare bedroom. You don’t need to go overboard. Instead of creating an at-home gym, simply set aside your space with a speaker, some smaller workout equipment, and maybe a few nuggets of motivation (post your goals on a whiteboard, put up a poster, or decorate with working out in mind).

Smaller spaces might require moving some furniture around or using canvas storage bins to put workout materials away when not in use. Regardless of size, the aim is to create a distraction-free space where you can focus on breaking a sweat.

Grab Your Favorite Outfit

In order to successfully work out from home, you’ll want an array of comfy workout clothes. Items such as women’s yoga pantswomen’s sweatpants, and your favorite workout tank are all must-have workout clothes. Look for clothing that moves with you and provides moisture-wicking capabilities. Choose attire that makes you feel active and motivates you to workout.

Schedule Your Workouts

If you’re used to having a gym or attending workout classes, keep yourself accountable by scheduling a workout time. Include a designated time in your schedule, just like you would for a group fitness class. This ensures that you stick to the schedule and prioritize your physical health. Planning an at-home workout can be as simple as carving out 30 minutes for a run around the neighborhood, or slipping in a 15-minute app-based workout on your work-from-home lunch break. Keeping a healthy schedule ensures you’ll have time to work out from home throughout the week and it stops you from coming up with excuses to stay on the couch.

Get Some Home Workout Equipment

Pick up a few key items to keep your at-home workouts fresh. Choose a T-shirt and women’s comfy shorts, but don’t forget a few key pieces of workout equipment. There's no need to drop thousands on a complete home-gym setup, but a few extra dollars can go a long way to giving you more options for your at-home workout. A few handy items include 5 and 10-pound dumbbells, foam roller, yoga mat, set of resistance bands, stability ball, and a step. Just a few pieces of easy-to-store at-home workout equipment keep your workout feeling fresh and possible. You can use these items while you’re watching TV in the evening and do double-duty while working out at home.

Snag Some Apps

If you had to ditch your gym membership this year, don’t fret. There are a variety of options for workout tech. Several companies offer up an array of apps (most are subscription-based) that easily create fresh and new custom workouts. From yoga to kickboxing, you’ll find a variety of apps to help guide your at-home workout. Alternatively, you can find a personal trainer that gives you expert, one-on-one advice. Some personal trainers have transitioned to a completely digital platform, allowing you to work out from home with the pros. These two options bring you an array of different workouts to keep your mind and body engaged.

Use Your Body

Throw on one of your favorite comfy T-shirts and get your body moving with a total body workout. Resistance training, or using your body as a weight, is a budget-friendly, hassle-free way to workout. All you need is some instruction on body exercises that focus on utilizing the natural weight and resistance of your body for a workout. These workouts can be done virtually anywhere, which is an ideal choice for those who have limited space to work out from home.

Overall, working out from home is an effective, efficient way to get your blood pumping. Stay active this season with workout clothing you’ll love. Set up a dedicated space to motivate you to stick to a workout schedule. Use technology to keep your mind and body engaged in your workout. As a result, you’ll look and feel your best.


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