Workout Clothes You’ll Love Wearing Everywhere

Workout Clothes You’ll Love Wearing Everywhere

Modern fashion trends are always evolving. The most recent shift to athleisure has shown the growing preference for more comfort in daily fashion. Athleisure looks like it’s here to stay, too, with its booming popularity on social media and its ever-increasing presence in casual outfits. Many people have grown to appreciate how workout clothes are made of stretchy colorfast materials that look good for a long time. They are also easy to wear for a variety of occasions, especially when you need to beat the heat.

In fact, the activewear industry has grown to have over $345 billion in global market value and is only projected to grow beyond $500 billion by 2025. Today, more people are wearing leggings than ever for casual outings, even preferring them over jeans in some cases. After all, when you need to make a grocery store run after a workout at the gym, it makes sense to just keep the same outfit on. The more people seek comfort and casual moods in their life, the more activewear’s popularity will grow. These are some of the best workout clothes you’ll love wearing everywhere.

The Best Active Tops for the Summer

Activewear tops have become basic staples in everyday clothing. When you need to beat the heat, there’s nothing better than wearing stylish women’s tank tops or shirts made of synthetic, moisture-wicking materials. These are easy pieces to throw over a sports bra so you can move comfortably. For the most breathable materials, find tops in a cotton or nylon blend so they can mitigate moisture to keep you cool. You can also find cotton or nylon-polyester blend T-shirts that have the same cooling effect if you prefer more modesty. These match well with skorts and sports leggings for a seamless look you can take from the gym to the park without changing outfits.

If you like all-in-one convenience, tankini tops function like a sports bra and active top in one. Since this piece is made to get wet, you can easily work out in a tankini top and shorts without feeling the materials trapping in sweat and heat. With so many cute styles available, you can enhance your activewear ensemble without having to buy so many extra pieces. This also gives your summer swimsuit stash some excellent replay value.

The Best Active Bottoms for the Summer

In the summer, your main mission is to stay cool. Summer staples like moisture-wicking athletic shorts come in different lengths to meet your coverage preferences. For even more comfort, get a pair made of REPREVE® fiber, which is made of plastic bottles and a unique poly-blend fabric that stretches well yet keeps its shape—wash after wash. We are firm believers in choosing the right material when you know you’re going to sweat. The wrong materials for summer, like fleece or heavy cotton knits, can trap moisture and even cause bacteria to grow. However, poly-blend fabrics are naturally antimicrobial and can even come with UPF sun protection for the hottest days.

Athletic shorts that are loose and with elastic waistbands are made for a long day of running here and there. Many variations can easily blend into a typical street outfit, such as a pair of active chino pants you can match with an active polo shirt. Whether you feel just right in tight bike shorts or want to wear a modest pair of active Bermuda shorts, a variety of active shorts make it possible to create the look that suits you the best.

The Best Activewear for the Winter

There is a workout outfit for every season and occasion, even in the colder months. During the winter, it can be harder to stay warm while wearing a typical workout ensemble. While you would want to wear your cooling materials indoors during an intense workout, you need extra coverage outdoors. This is when you need additional support, such as long workout leggings and cozy sweatpants. These are easy to wear in the gym and are also preferred for quick outings like dog walks and morning meetups.

Depending on where you live, you may need extra support like extra layers for outdoor workouts. For example, women’s thermals can keep you warm enough for brisk outdoor morning runs. You may also prefer to wear a fleece sweater or sweatshirt over your base layers for the best protection against the cold. Integrating supportive layers helps you stay active even when the weather tries to keep you inside. By dressing actively for any season, you can keep up your routine and get the fresh air you need every day.

When you wear these favorite workout clothes, it’s possible to go to plenty of outings and social events while feeling comfortable and stylish.

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