Workout Clothes for Spring

Workout Clothes for Spring

Spring… that wonderful warm season when it feels like the world is opening up! You’ll need some new workout clothes for working out and hanging out this spring. Let’s look at some ideas.

Tank Tops

Women’s tank tops and spring workouts are meant for each other. A tank top has the advantage of not restricting your movement while you exercise, being lightweight and cool to wear, and perfect for layering.

Fabric content is key when choosing a tank top. Cotton is a great choice for breathability, but if you anticipate a sweaty workout, consider a synthetic fabric that will wick away moisture. A cotton tank top is perfect for a walk or hike in mild weather, but for a hot yoga class, for example, you will want a top that fits close to your body and will help to remove instead of maintaining perspiration.


T-shirts are the workhorse of workout wear. And why not? They are comfy, come in great neutrals and fun colors, and can work for working out as well as hanging out. A cotton or cotton blend women’s T-shirt should fit loosely enough to allow for a little air circulation between your skin and the fabric. That will give you maximum cooling power and comfort.


Shorts are natural for spring. Isn’t it great to get out from under all the insulation required for winter? Whether you're wearing walking shorts for a nature walk or a hike or athletic shorts at the gym, you need a pair of shorts in your spring workout gear.

When buying shorts, fit is key. For synthetic shorts designed specifically for working out, they should hug your curves to help the synthetic fabric wick away perspiration. If you're buying shorts made from canvas or denim, you will want them to be fitted at the waist, long enough to be comfortable in the rise, and have an inseam that is comfortable for you and your activities. It’s a good idea to try shorts on in front of a full-length mirror before buying. That way you can bend over and stretch as you would when exercising and make sure that your shorts will be comfortable and give you the coverage you need. If buying online, make sure that you shop from a retailer with a great return policy (like ours) in case you need to send them back or exchange them.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants aren’t just for relaxing! They also make great workout pants for everything from yoga to working out at the gym to running. Basic black is always nice, but why not add a little spice with a spring color? Capri length is a natural choice for spring, but ankle length is good, too. Make sure that your yoga pants fit snugly. You don’t want them to feel either too tight or too loose while you're working out.

Hoodie or Sweatshirt

There is nothing more practical than a sweatshirt or hoodie for women. Whether you need some extra warmth for that morning hike, want to throw something on over your tank top when you head out of the gym, or live anywhere that the weather is not 100% predictable (Hello, Midwest!), make sure that a hoodie is part of your spring workout gear. You can stash it in your workout bag, your car, or wear it tied around your waist if you don’t need it right away.

Fleece Jacket

Did someone say fleece? Especially if you live in a colder climate, fleece is your friend in the spring. A women’s fleece jacket will give you the insulation that you need when the calendar says that it's spring, but the mercury doesn’t. If you enjoy walking or hiking outside (especially in elevated climates), have fleece handy.

When you wear fleece for workout gear, it will need laundering more often. To care for your fleece, keep in mind that heat and friction are its enemies. Always launder fleece by itself (or with other fleece) in cold water on delicate. If you choose to dry your fleece in the dryer, keep the temperature low and the time as short as possible.


Whatever your favorite workout routine is, make sure that you have the proper footwear for it. Perhaps you need good walking shoes to support your feet and keep you comfy. Maybe it’s a solid pair of hiking boots. Maybe you need running shoes to act as shock absorbers while you make tracks. Unless you're practicing yoga (and have already made it to your mat), you will need footwear.

Athletic shoes have become wonderfully high-tech in recent years. They protect and support your feet in ways that your mother’s sneakers never could. White is a great color for sneakers because it can go with so many other styles in addition to workout gear but check out the color options available in your favorite shoe, too.

Whether you’re working out or hanging out, you deserve some new workout clothes this spring!


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