A Style Guide to Work-From-Home Outfits

A Style Guide to Work-From-Home Outfits

These days, the option to work from home is open to more people than ever. Chances are that you have a job where you can work remotely for some days— or even full time! So, while it's totally okay to enjoy the occasional "Pajama Friday," dressing for your job, no matter where you are, is important for your productivity.

Getting ready for the day matters. How you dress is how you present yourself to the world. Face your job with confidence and the respect it demands by making thoughtful clothing choices. Here are a few cute work outfit ideas (or a quick work from home style guide) for all of you who have a 30-second commute from the kitchen to your office.

Be Prepared To Be Seen

Your clothes aren't just there to put you in the mindset of working. They also tell the world who you are—and the fact that you're at home doesn't mean you aren't going to be seen. Today's work habits involve a lot of online activities with live video. You may also need to record a webinar or hop on a video chat to collaborate on a work project. Dress as if you're meeting them in person. Do your hair, touch up your makeup if you so desire, and put on a complete outfit— from head to toe. It may be tempting to wear just a nice men's dress shirt because the video chat will only show you from the chest up, but you never know if you will need to get out of your seat to grab a file or refill your coffee. This is not the time for your snowman fleece pants, regardless of how comfortable they are!

Get Out Of Those Pajamas!

Working from home undeniably has more of a "free" flavor than working in an office. Though you don't get the typical interruptions or temptations to chat around the water cooler, you are tempted to take things a bit more slowly or get derailed. Wearing clothes that remind you that you are working will keep you away from the afternoon nap that will slow down the progress of your latest project. Find the balance between looking good and staying comfortable but without wearing pajama-like clothing. Psst— this is a great time to wear jeans and a clean, professional blouse, polo, or sweater top.

Leggings Are Your Best Friend

Whoever came up with this ultra-versatile cross between stockings and traditional pants has saved the sanity of so many people. Leggings aren't just comfortable; they also match with tunics, oversized sweaters, and dresses. They look great but feel so comfortable, which is a great asset when you're entering data for hours at your computer. Pick a pair of solid black leggings that have a touch of a business vibe, as if you were to walk into the office at any moment, and you'll be golden.

Polo Shirts: An Instant Work Mindset

The quintessential business casual shirt for all people, the polo shirt is great for anyone who wants to feel professional but not take it over the top. Men's polo shirts make the perfect work from home shirt. They can be worn alone or under vests, and they come in so many great colors. No matter what happens during your work-at-home day, you can keep yourself in the professional mindset while wearing a polo. These also make for cute work clothes for women and suit a variety of seasons and looks. Oh, and they always look great with a cardigan!

Look Sharp and Stay Warm in a Flannel Shirt

Flannel is the dependable work shirt for the cold days of working solo at home. Its brushed cotton traps heat close to your skin so you can focus on the job and not worry about your thermostat—especially when the HVAC guys are over to fix the heating. (That's why you're working from home, by the way—because they said they'd be there between 2 and 6). You can always depend on a fashionable top like this to keep you feeling work-ready and on task. Flannel shirts are also some of the most comfortable work from home clothes around. Tuck your flannel shirt in and wear a belt for some extra professional seasoning. With this look, you'll be dressed for any surprise video chats coming your way.

Comfortable Footwear

Great news— this is where you can be a little sneaky. The chances are quite low that anyone is going to see your feet when you work at home, even on video chat. The rules here? None. Zero. Zip. Wear a cozy pair of boot socks, some suede slippers, or nothing at all! This is one of the best perks of working from home.

Whether you work remotely on the regular or take the occasional flex day for the HVAC guys, these are some of the best work from home clothes that you’ll find!


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