Work-From-Home Fall Wardrobe

The Ultimate Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Working from Home

Gone are the days of uncomfortable tights and blister-causing shoes. Now, many people can work from home in whatever outfit they please — as long as it looks decent on video calls. You don’t need much to create an ideal work-from-home wardrobe. Just a few staples will help you look pulled together for your boss and comfortable enough for a day working in your living room.

One of the best ways to create an at-home wardrobe that you love is by investing in a capsule wardrobe. What is a capsule wardrobe? It’s a small collection of clothing in complementary colors and styles. Things like jeans, white button-down shirts, and black boots are often staples in capsule wardrobe because of their versatility.

Ultimately, the goal of a capsule wardrobe is to create as many looks as possible with as few pieces as possible. Here are a few ways to create a capsule wardrobe for yourself as you work from home this fall.

Invest in a Cashmere Turtleneck

Few things are as timeless and as versatile as a cashmere sweater. A cashmere turtleneck sweater for fall or winter work from home days is a great staple for a fall capsule work-from-home wardrobe. Depending on your preference, our cashmere sweaters come in solid colors, argyle patterns, and striped options, and in plus sizes and petite sizes as well.

A cashmere turtleneck strikes the perfect balance; it isn’t too casual but isn’t too dressy either. It can be worn with truly anything — skirts, jeans, comfortable black leggings — and can be dressed up or down with the right jewelry. The classic look of a turtleneck sweater means your cashmere purchase will never go out of style, instead, it can be a capsule wardrobe staple for years to come.

Wrap Yourself Up in a Scarf or Shawl

A fashion scarf or shawl is not only functional (it keeps you warm!), but it’s also stylish and a welcome addition to any work-from-home capsule wardrobe. Fashion scarves are easy to drape over a white button-down or a T-shirt and create a whole new, unique look.

Make the Most of a Classic Fall Trend

Flannel is another classic trend that never goes out of style; it returns to shops, online stores, and catalogs every autumn and never fails to look good on everyone. Purchase a flannel tunic for a more work-appropriate take on the classic pattern, which is classically synonymous with lumberjacks. Tunics give the flannel print a more business-casual feel because of their flattering silhouette and the intricate details like rounded necklines that feel fancier than the classic flannel shirt alternative.

You can make your flannel tunic your own by wearing a cream or navy shawl on top or by pairing it with one of your favorite long necklaces.

Get a Pair of Stretchy Jeggings

Leggings that look like jeans? What could be better than that for a work-from-home job? Purchase a pair of jeggings to wear throughout the week, whether you have video meetings, back-to-back calls, or a quiet day to work. They’re comfortable yet professional and can be a centerpiece for any capsule wardrobe — they’re even great for non-work hours and can be worn on a fall night out with friends or to pick your kids up for school.

Try Out a Pencil Skirt

For the days when dressing up is necessary, like, before a big on-camera presentation, a pencil skirt is a convenient item to have in your work-from-home capsule wardrobe. Pencil skirts instantly dress up any top, from a T-shirt to a sweater, and can be pretty comfortable for at-home working, too. Many pencil skirts have an elastic waist, so you can easily slip into the one and not worry about it becoming uncomfortable after eight hours of working.

Keep It Classic in a White Blouse

A white blouse is quintessential work attire. Our women's white blouses are available in short-sleeved, sleeveless, and long-sleeved options in a variety of soft, breathable fabrics. The best white blouse for a fall capsule wardrobe is a button-down, long-sleeved white blouse for many reasons. One, it can be worn with anything from jeans to skirts to over a tucked-in T-shirt. Two, the long sleeves will keep you warm on chilly days. And, three, it’s the most work-friendly option.

Choose your favorite white button-down shirt, and keep it in your wardrobe for any day throughout fall. The top can be worn with any bottoms in your capsule wardrobe and is basic enough to go with any color jewelry, scarf, or women's jacket.

Just a few basics are all you need to create the best, most effective work-from-home capsule wardrobe for fall. Keep in mind that less is more, and the most classic, timeless pieces will be the easiest to pair with the other items in your closet.


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