Work-From-Home Essentials: Comfy Clothes You Can Wear All Day

Work From Home Essentials: Comfy Clothes You Can Wear All Day

Working from home has its benefits, but it isn’t for everyone. While some people thrive in a home office environment, others struggle to muster up the motivation to even open up their laptop. Working from home can be especially difficult if you’re also a caretaker with either kids or elderly parents to care for.

As such, you need to do everything you can to be productive yet comfortable. And, believe it or not, what you wear makes a huge difference in how productive you are. There have been many studies that show that slipping out of your pajamas and into the same type of clothes you would wear for work can put you into that “get work done” mindset. In comparison, staying in your pajamas can send you signals that tell you to go back to bed. So, if you need to work from home, here are some comfy work-from-home clothes that will help you switch gears and get things done while also ensuring you stay comfortable all day long.

A Comfortable but Dressy Top

When it comes to the most important item you can wear when working from home, it is most likely the type of top you wear. This is especially true if you have video conference calls to participate in since your work colleagues can see you from the torso-up. A women’s white blouse is great to have on hand for this purpose. It takes a minute to button up, meaning you can always wear something casual underneath it, like a tank top. When you know you have a video call approaching, you can then grab the blouse and button it up just in time for your call. Alternatively, you can keep a cardigan sweater nearby, which gives you a casual appearance without making it look like you’re trying too hard. What you wear for bottoms won’t even matter for the most part, as far as anyone on the video call is concerned.

Work-Appropriate Bottoms

While it doesn’t really matter on video calls what you wear for bottoms, you still might want to make sure your brain is switched to work mode. This is something a lot of people struggle with when working remotely, especially if they don’t have a dedicated home office. Keeping that in mind, finding some comfy casual pants that look the professional part will be key to staying productive and comfortable. Look for an elastic waistband and stretchy fabric that offers both style and comfort.

Dress That Checks All the Boxes

If you want to look great and feel comfortable but don’t have the time to figure out which tops and bottoms to match together, a dress that slips over the head in seconds can check all those boxes. And the great thing about them is you can wear a dress in all seasons, whether it’s a sweater dress or a maxi dress with spaghetti straps. No matter the weather, what matters the most when it comes to dresses is the neckline — especially when it comes to looking formal from the torso up. Consider whether you prefer a scoop neck, V-neck, crew neck, or button-down dress when choosing your work-from-home dress.

Not Just About Attire

Sure you can get dressed for work to make you look and feel the part of an employee doing their regular job, but it doesn’t always stop there. There are other parts of your typical routine you can implement if you so choose. Some people who are stuck inside the house might enjoy an excuse to put on some makeup and jewelry, while others don’t need it at all to get into work mode. Sometimes all it takes to help you maintain a typical workday schedule is waking up and eating lunch at the same time every day. In that case, it might not just help to get dressed first thing in the morning in some comfy clothes, but also to pack a lunch box like you would on a typical workday. It all depends on your normal schedule and whatever helps you shift gears mentally.

A year or so ago, being able to work from home was something that was envied by many. These days, it is the norm. While people are still trying to figure out what’s best for them, it is important to take some time to think about your individual working style. You may have kids at home, you may have a barking dog, or you may just be tempted by the TV and partake in other distractions that you associate with being off of work. Whatever the case, you want to be comfortable so you can tackle each obstacle with grace. Getting dressed in some comfy clothes when you wake up can be a huge help as you start your day.

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