Unique Work From Home Clothes That Kill Monotony

Unique Work From Home Clothes That Kill Monotony

Working from home offers many advantages. In addition to having the flexibility to set a schedule that best works for you and to enjoy the comfort of your own workspace, you also have the opportunity to wear whatever you want. Some people may actually feel great working in their pajamas, but many find that wearing specific work from home outfits can make all the difference to their confidence, motivation, and productivity.

When you’re ready for the day — even if you have no plans to set foot outside your door — you’re readying yourself for everything, whether it’s a video conference call or a visitor who drops by unexpectedly. You certainly don’t need to get all dressed up the way that you would for the office; there’s no need to be anything but cozy and comfortable when you’re working at home. Here are a few options to add to your work-from-home fashion wardrobe.

Cozy Tops

Forget about the fancy blouses that you would typically slip on underneath a blazer. What you need when you work from home is pure, soft comfort. Women’s sweatshirts are perfect for the WFH life! You can opt for a traditional style, complete with a crew neckline and cuffed sleeves for an easy everyday look that works well with both sweatpants and leggings alike.

Flannel Shirts

Among the coziest tops available, flannel shirts happen to be incredible transitional pieces. They’re practically uniform during fall and winter, and they’re also great to wear on cooler spring days. If you’re working from home with other people who happen to prefer cooler temperatures, your flannel top could save the day by adding a layer of warmth in an otherwise chilly room. You can throw it on over a long-sleeve top if you need a little extra coziness, or pull it on before you head out for a little bit of fresh air.

Soft Pants

Nothing compares to a pair of women’s comfy pants when you’re sitting at your desk for hours a day. You don’t want to worry about clothes that you need to adjust constantly, fabric that scratches your skin, or materials that don’t feel quite right. A pair of women’s sweatpants is always a smart choice! Elastic waists and adjustable drawstrings make it easy to find the perfect fit. The best pants should feel as good as your favorite pajamas.

Pull-On Shorts

On a warm spring or summer day, you might not want to deal with things like sweatpants and yoga pants. Forget these thicker garments and grab a pair of relaxed shorts, instead. A style with an elastic waist is always ideal for at-home wear; you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day, and you don’t have to worry about compromising your comfort. Add a soft cotton T-shirt and you’ll be ready to tackle your to-do list.

Classic Loungewear

You can never go wrong with relaxed women’s loungewear. Choose from all kinds of options. If you’ve got a video call at some point during the day, you may want to choose a top that’s a little more polished than, for example, a lightweight T-shirt. An open-front cardigan is always a reliable choice that you can quickly pull on to add extra professionalism to your look. Stretchy pants will keep you comfortable throughout the day. You can even opt for cropped lengths if you want to pop outside for a while and take a walk through the neighborhood or do some gardening.

T-Shirt Dress

Wearing a t-shirt dress is a great choice if you prefer outfits that are slightly more pulled together. Lightweight materials promote mobility and ventilation, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable at your desk and making it easy to feel just a bit more professional. You can even add a light necklace or pair of earrings if you’re leading a virtual meeting and want to present the most confident image possible.

Things to Remember

What matters the most when choosing your work from home attire? Stick with comfort above anything else, just like you would if you were selecting clothes for the office. When you work from home, you aren’t limited to dress codes. You can opt for more relaxed fabrics that are so supple, you could just as easily wear them to bed. Keep that in mind when you’re preparing for a workday at home.

Finally, always have at least one or two dressier tops on hand — not necessarily silk blouses, but something a bit more tailored so that you can easily hop onto a video call even if you happen to be wearing sweatpants or leggings with them! The right choices will give your work from home wardrobe a huge boost.

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