4 Comfy Work from Home Clothes You Need to Buy

4 Comfy Work from Home Clothes You Need to Buy

If you work from home, then you know how important it is to get ready for the day. Wearing something that feels a little bit more pulled together than your pajamas can go a long way in helping you stay focused, motivated, and ready for anything that comes your way. If you have video calls scheduled or even phone meetings, you’ll simply be in a more professional frame of mind if you aren’t dressed in what you wore overnight.

But what should you wear at home when you don’t have to go through the usual routine of selecting the right women’s blouse to pair with your pencil skirt and pumps? While you don’t have to get all dressed up in the traditional sense, there are several practical pieces that you might want to consider adding to your rotation if you work from home. Here are four of the best.

Lightweight Dresses

Where typical women’s work from home clothes are concerned, you probably have things like sweats and yoga pants in mind. Those pieces definitely have a place in your wardrobe, but if you aim to exude a little bit more polish and professionalism on any particular day, you should make it a point to add one or two lightweight dresses to your wardrobe.

Don’t mistake these for the more fitted, tailored pieces you might wear to the office. These are strictly relaxed from top to bottom. They’re the type you can pull on and immediately go about your day. They’re made with soft, plush fabrics that feel so good, you could probably wear them to bed. Think of them as dressy sweats. They’re casual, yes, but they allow you to pull your look together with some efficiency. That’s key if you’ve got a video call on the agenda. Throw on a pair of earrings or a necklace and you’ll feel ready for anything.

Yoga Pants

Don’t be fooled by the idea of wearing women’s yoga pants during the workday. This option is far more versatile than you might first think. Sure, there are the yoga pants that you wear to work out and to actual yoga classes and to grab coffee after you’re done. There are the pairs you might wear when you run out to pick up the kids after school or to play with them in the backyard.

And then there are the slightly more reserved versions that channel the same comfort and practicality of your favorite pieces of activewear, yet offer a decidedly more pulled together take on everyday style. They’re not quite corporate, but they look right at home with everything from blouses to T-shirts. Look for styles with wide waistbands — remember that yoga pants are all about comfort, an area where you definitely don’t want to skimp if you work from home. Focus on the silhouette, too. Straight legs and tapered legs look sleek and stylish, while wider legs present a more casual and relaxed appearance.

Soft Tops

Don’t dismiss the importance of comfy women’s tops. You need them not only to pair with your yoga pants and other bottoms but also to mix things up a little bit. Include a few different varieties to accommodate for different conditions year-round. For example, summer might find you decked out in a breezy T-shirt. You can easily dress that up with a statement necklace if you need to hop on a video call with your boss.

For cooler days, incorporate pieces with longer sleeves. While it may be warm and comfortable in the house, it’s still practical to wear pieces that help you feel your best throughout fall and winter. A tunic looks great with soft leggings, for example. A cardigan is another option that you can throw on over a lightweight top, or even over a dress if you want to layer up a little bit.


Sweats — for work? Definitely possible, especially if you don’t feel like you have to abide by any strict style rules when you work from home. If your entire day is spent behind the screen, why sacrifice your comfort when you need to focus on what’s really important? Comfy sweats are the answer to everything. They keep you warm, cozy, and relaxed throughout the day.

Moreover, they’re available in a wide range of styles. Forget the garden variety suits of yesteryear. Sure, you can find matching pieces, but you can also mix it up if you want to shake up your work-from-home wardrobe and have some fun. You’ll find it all, from short-sleeve sweatshirts to bright colors to bold prints. If you tend to work on the couch or don’t have a desk, sweats are a fitting choice that will help you feel your best as you settle in for the workday.

Ultimately, the right work-from-home clothes are all about comfort. They feel great against the skin, fit beautifully, and allow you to focus on your work. By curating a collection of select pieces, you’ll always have something reliable and effortless to wear.


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