Essential Winter Dresses For Work

Must-Have Winter Dresses for the Workplace

Dressing for work in the winter can be tricky. You want to look professional, polished, and put-together, but as the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, you definitely want to keep warm too.

So how can you achieve both without stressing over your outfit every day? The answer is winter dresses for women! Stack the deck in your favor with a selection of women's dresses that keep you pretty and cozy all winter long.

Try these five winter work dresses to feel toasty and look sharp while you're at work.

Must-Have Dress #1: The Base Layer Dress

A base layer dress is a fashion staple. It's a dress that you can add a layer to and create a whole new look. Base layer dresses tend to fit closely to the body in a style like a sheath so that they don't create bulky spots that show through the clothes you top them with.

A great base layer dress should be made with a fabric that fits the style of the clothing you'll top it with, whether that is a tailored blazer, a luxurious cashmere cardigan, or even a chunky knit.

Choose the colors that would blend in with your work wardrobe, as well as patterns or prints that you know won't compete with your favorite top layers.

Must-Have Dress #2: A Top Layer Dress

The flip of the base layer dress is the top layer dress. These are dresses that look great when you wear it over another item of clothing. Top layer dresses tend to be in looser cuts especially at the arms and the neck to allow for comfort. Shift dresses and T-shirt dresses are great options as top layers as they have more relaxed details, making them perfect for having something underneath.

Whatever the outfit style you have in mind should reflect the styles of the layers you choose and the accessories accompany them with. Consider putting together a preppy turtleneck with opaque tights and a cute jewelry piece to create a look that's ideal for more casual workplaces. For an even simpler look, pair your top layer with a collared blouse and finish it off with a feminine tie.

All of these winter dresses for work should make any top layer dress great, especially when you need to get from the office to an evening event without having to make a pit stop at home for a wardrobe change.

Must-Have Dress #3: The Dress That Works With Boots

The right dress to wear with your favorite new winter boots will depend on several factors: the length of the dress, the height of the boots, and the level of formality you need to achieve. It can take a little in-front-of-the-mirror experimenting to reach a balance you'll love.

Dresses that pop—think bold prints, thicker knits, and square lines—go well with boots that also make a statement in their color, height, or heel style. Dresses with delicate lines and sleek fabrics often fit better with boots that are also delicate—heels and heights that aren't quite as bold and attention-grabbing.

Must-Have Dress #4: One You Can Wear on Its Own (AKA, the Sweater Dress)

Hectic mornings are common in the wintertime, which means a dress you can grab and wear with ease can be a lifesaver when you're already running late for work. One ideal choice for the blustery winter workdays is the super popular sweater dress.

Many women love sweater dresses because they're just that cozy, that pretty, and that convenient. And because sweater dresses tend to be thicker and made with warmer materials, you're less likely to need extra insulation to keep warm during the day, which means they'll still feel comfortable without a lot of layering. Plus, they're usually pretty enough to be worn without extensive accessories as the materials tend to already be knit with weaves or fun and funky patterns.

Just because these sweater dresses are great on their own, though, it doesn't mean you can't play with it up with your personal style. Consider mixing and matching with different fun hosiery accessories, and footwear.

Must-Have Dress #5: The Party-Ready Work Dress

Winter months tend to be jam-packed with reasons to celebrate, whether it's the holidays at the beginning of the season or Valentine's Day near the end. And that doesn't include all the date-nights and other special events that will pop up along the way. This means a winter work dress that can easily transition from business to event is a wardrobe must-have.

The winter business-dress-to-party-dresses don't normally come in a select range of cut; however, they do have unique details like pretty necklines, fluttering sleeves, glittery spots or lacy accents that can be strategically covered up with a sweater, blazer, or scarf during the day and then revealed when it's time to have some fun.

Accessories can go a long way and help complete these work-to-celebration looks. A quick change of shoes and handbags can utterly transform the style of a dress, as can swap out daytime jewelry with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that have a little extra sparkle.

In the winter, we understand that you're not just dressing to match the weather, but also dressing to match our lives. These must-have winter dresses can help you to create a mix of options that are perfect for your personal style all winter long.


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