Women’s Guide to Looking Your Best at Work

Women’s Guide to Looking Your Best at Work

Everyone likes looking put together and ready to go, but this is especially true when getting ready to head into the office. Looking your best at work is a surefire way to feel confident and ready to take on your day. Stocking your wardrobe with all of the essentials for professional work attire is a must. Take a look at our women’s guide to looking your best at work to know exactly what you need!

Know the Dress Code

Before jumping into an entirely new wardrobe, make sure you understand the dress code in your office. While some workplaces are a bit more relaxed, there are others that have rules in place to ensure that their employees are always looking their best. If you’re new to the company, take some time to observe the other employees and see if there is any verbiage available on what the expectations are in terms of dress code. This will determine which items you need in your closet.

Work Wardrobe Essentials

So what are some basic essentials that every working woman should consider including in her wardrobe? No matter the dress code, there are a few items that are universal and a must-have for your closet!

Versatile Tops

Start with a handful of women’s blouses. You’ll often find that it’s easiest to build your outfit around which top you’re wearing, so this is a good place to start! In addition to having some cute blouses, you’ll also want to be sure to get a good white button up or two. This is perhaps the most classic article of clothing when it comes to the workplace, and with so many different ways to style and wear one, this is definitely something you want in your closet.

Good Skirts

Is there anything better than finding the perfect skirt? You’ll want to keep an eye out for skirts that fit well and have a good length, typically at the knee or longer. Having a handful of women’s skirts in a variety of both solid colors and fun prints will prove to be a great addition to your work wardrobe, and will make for easily put together ensembles for your days in the office.


Layering is a great way to complete an outfit, and the perfect layering piece for work is a blazer. You’ll quickly find that the right blazer is incredibly comfortable and has a way of making you look effortlessly chic and professional. Whether you’re going for something fitted or perhaps something a bit more oversized, this is a great go-to item to have on hand.

Well-Fitting Dress Pants

Skirts are certainly a great option for a professional ensemble, but we understand that you may not want to make it an everyday thing. Having a few pairs of dress pants is a great way to add variety to your work ensembles while still remaining as comfortable as possible. Consider which colors you could invest in that would most easily pair with the other items that you have in your wardrobe.

A Statement Piece

Every woman needs a little something special in her wardrobe that helps her make a statement. It could be a women's dress in a bold color, or perhaps a blouse or skirt with a unique pattern. When worn well and with the right accessories, a statement piece is a completely appropriate item to include in your work wardrobe.

Accessorize Well

Speaking of accessories, incorporating the right extras with your work outfits is the perfect way to pull everything together. It could be the perfect pair of earrings, or perhaps a dainty necklace. It could even be a fashionable scarf tied around your neck. Whichever accessories you decide to wear with your ensembles, you want to make sure they go well with what you’re wearing. When it comes to these extras, less is more, so choose a few items that you love and you’ll be good to go!

Footwear Matters

The shoes you decide to wear with your work ensembles are important, and can do wonders for topping off your outfit. Make sure you have a few pairs of women’s shoes that are easily worn with anything. A versatile pair of flats, some heels, and even the right pair of boots are a great place to start. Start with colors that easily pair with what you already have in your closet, and then move on to fun statement shoes for a little extra sparkle.

Having the right items in your work wardrobe will make things much simpler as you get ready for a day in the office. Start with the essentials and you’re sure to be able to throw together some fantastic ensembles that are not only professional but that help you feel confident and ready to take on your day!


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