Women's Winter Coats: Guide to 2020 Fashion

Best Long Winter Coats for Women in 2020

Winter coats serve two purposes: fashion and function. This can be a tricky balance, as they have to be functional if you live in a really cold climate. But sometimes, the more functional the coat — the less fashionable it is. If you're tired of fashion taking a back seat all winter, the good news is that you have lots of options in 2020 that will keep you warm and looking great. Wondering what's in style for the 2020 winter season? Here's a guide to the best women's winter coats to flatter your figure and keep you cozy and fashionable at the same time.

Function Before Fashion

When shopping for a new winter coat this year, you might want to start with finding the warmest winter coats and then narrowing it down to style and color from there. Why? Because if you go coat shopping and find one that you fall completely in love with, you might convince yourself that it is warm enough just because you like it so much. Then you're stuck either freezing in it or allowing it to hang in your closet unworn all winter. Regardless, a warm coat that is both weather-appropriate and stylish isn't too hard to find. Start by looking at its temperature specifications, and match it to the climate where you live. This is easiest when shopping online, as you can either add them to your favorites or throw them into your online shopping cart where you can narrow it down later on.

Find Your Style

One size does not fit all in terms of winter coat styles, unfortunately. For example, a long women's warmest winter coat may look great on a woman of average size, but someone who is on the shorter side might look swamped. If the climate doesn't involve sideways rain and blizzard-like conditions, you might be better off with a peacoat that doesn't have to cover your entire body. If the weather does get a bit nasty, a trench coat with a belt to draw attention to the waist works well, too.

Make It Suit Your Lifestyle

If your lifestyle is less about looking good at the office and more about making sure you have enough pockets so you don't need a purse, make that your main goal when choosing a fashionable winter coat. For 2020, activewear is more fashionable than it ever was. You can still be in style while taking the dog for a walk and picking up the kids from school. A simple fleece jacket can even do the trick, as long as it has pockets!

Wear the Coat – Don't Let It Wear You

Buying a coat that is too big or that is in a color that you can see from space can make it look like the coat is wearing you, as opposed to the other way around. You don't want to drown in your coat, and you don't want the color to overwhelm you. Choose something that fits you both physically and optically. Don't try to make it work for you if you don't get a good first impression the first time you put it on.

Be Open to Funky Patterns and Faux Fur

One great thing about 2020 winter coat fashion is that it is very forgiving. People are less judgmental in terms of style these days, believe it or not. Sure, certain trends are in style this year, such as millennial purple, herringbone patterns, and faux fur, but that doesn't mean you can't work a leopard print trench coat if you want to. Nonetheless, if you do want to be on-trend, realize that trends come and go, and you might find yourself replacing that leopard-print faux fur coat with a basic black coat next year.

Once You Have the Coat, Accessorize!

If you've found the ideal coat and find that you love it but something's missing, it's time to personalize it with some accessories. Think broaches, scarves, purses, women's winter boots, umbrellas — whatever it takes. Don't be afraid to experiment with different textures either. Silk and lace might not keep you warm, but they can add a little special something when layered under the collar of a button-down wool coat.

If you're worried about making sure your winter coat is still in style this year, it might be time to find a new one. If you're content with yours but want to make sure you're on-trend, check out any of the recommendations here. Just remember that it needs to fit your climate, fit your figure, and make you feel good in it. Other than that, there really are no rules!

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