Women's Winter Coats You Can Wear to a Formal Event

Women's Winter Coats You Can Wear to a Formal Event

It's a challenge to stay warm at formal events when the occasion usually calls for dressy materials like silk and chiffon. But a formal women's winter coat can save you from the shivers. The key to selecting outerwear that goes well with your dress or slacks is to stick to materials, fits, and colors that flatter your garment. Here are some women's winter coats that come highly recommended.

Fit-and-Flare Coats That Enhance the Best of You

A coat that has an edge on style is a must for formal events. Fit-and-flare coats have a subtle pinch at the waist that gently enhances your waistline–no belt required! The pockets are also discreet and not bulky, while the smooth inner lining assures a flattering fit and comfortable long-term wear. The vertical seaming in fit-and-flare coats also elongates your figure. Pick a women's wool coat in this cut for an extra formal edge. Fit-and-flare coats are tailored to perfection with careful attention, bringing out the best in everyone's style potential. Pair this with a cute set of leather gloves and you have some classy outerwear that will make you feel elegant and comfortable.

Belted Coats for a Defined Waist

Belted coats are the go-to waist enhancer. If you need to look dressy and stay warm, add this classic piece to your formal winter wardrobe. Belted women's trench coats have the updated styling you crave while still giving you the flattering single-buttoned or double-breasted look that can dress up practically anything. To look even more formal, try a long trench coat so you can stay warm even when wearing a cocktail dress and heels. If you're planning to be out in the elements, a trench coat with a water-resistant Dupont Teflon will serve you well. Wool coats that come with belts are also great for times when you need more than just a subtle pinch around your waist.

Stay Classy in a Peacoats

Whether you are going to brunch with the girls or to the annual company Christmas party, a peacoat works well. Choose a women's peacoat in a soft wool blend, like melton, that has a smooth texture and high density to lock in heat. Its double-breasted style is classic high-fashion that takes you from the office to a gala in a snap. The decadent inner lining will also make you feel good all over. The oversized notched collar is a great complement to a low-cut formal dress and makes it easy to show off your favorite necklace and earrings. If it gets extra chilly, button it up or wear a stylish winter scarf to stay extra toasty.

Go with an A-line Coat for a Feminine Touch

Do you plan on wearing a cocktail dress to the next holiday party? An A-line coat will be a great option. This style creates a flattering silhouette that complements the shape of your dress. It also harmonizes beautifully with a special occasion A-line dress, where a variety of materials, lengths, and patterns await you. You're sure to find dresses you can wear not only to a bridal shower but also on a date or to a dinner party that pair perfectly with an A-line coat. Wearing such a stylish coat can instantly give you some glam when you're attending an outdoor event, too. You'll feel formal, sophisticated, and hot enough to stave off any chilly day.

A Long Down Jacket for Braving the Cold

Sometimes there's no getting around the cold. Think about waiting hours for the New Year's Eve countdown, shivering on a date night in celebration of Valentine's Day, or that long walk by the water that turns out to be colder than anticipated. You need an attractive jacket that is also built for extreme weather. Thankfully, women's down jackets provide the coverage you need without the extra weight. This is because these down coats are made with ultra-powerful HyperDRY™ down, which gives you more heating power per square inch than ordinary synthetic downs. HyperDRY down is water-resistant, too, so you can stay dry even in the rain and snow.

Heading out to a formal event this season? Try any one of these coats to pair with dressy attire that will make you feel confident, comfortable, and classy.


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