Women’s Pants: A Guide for Plus Size Women

Women’s Pants: A Guide for Plus Size Women

Over the years, we’ve definitely learned a thing or two that helps us help you when it comes to finding women’s plus size clothing you love to wear. For one thing, we’re committed to designing clothes not only to fit but also to flatter women of all sizes. In other words we don’t just add a little extra fabric to our regular pant designs and expect you to find a way to make it work. No, we adjust the proportions of our plus size pants to give you the best fit possible from waist to ankle so that you can look your best no matter what the number on that tag is. In addition to designing our plus size pants to fit all shapes and sizes, we make our sizing chart at Lands' End as accurate and easy-to-read as possible, which makes shopping for what you need when you need it easier than ever.

But of course shopping for the right size isn’t everything when it comes to building a well-rounded wardrobe. If you’re looking to add a few more plus size pants to your fashion arsenal check out this handy guide to help you navigate what plus size pants you’ll want to own to help you look your best this season.

Women’s Plus Size Pants For The Office:

Finding work pants you look good in and are comfortable to wear seems like a stretch. But, in all honesty, that’s exactly what you need when it comes to finding a pair of stylish plus size pants that go above and beyond comfort to help you survive that daily 9 to 5 grind. Our Women’s plus size Starfish elastic waist pull on knit pants are made from soft cotton jersey that stretches with ease while still managing to keep its shape – and your professional appearance – in check. Plus the wide, full-elastic waistband is designed to lie flat and smooth against your mid-section, eliminating the awkward bulges you sometimes get from button waist pants.

Our Women’s plus size sport knit pants are another example of comfortable clothing doubling as professional attire. Offering a flattering, straight-leg silhouette and an easy, full-elastic waist these plus size pants are as comfortable as sweat pants but elegant enough to wear to a staff meeting. Available in solids and prints, you could outfit your whole workweek in comfort and style.

Women’s Plus Size Leggings:

Contrary to what you might have heard about “active wear,” being active is actually not a requirement when it comes to styling these cute and comfortable plus size leggings. Made with a generous amount of stretch for maximum mobility our Lands’ End Women’s plus size active leggings are a great choice for working out or running around town managing that never ending to-do list. But, honestly, the wide elastic waistband that gently hugs without ever feeling tight just makes them a joy to wear no matter what you’re doing any day of the week.

Women’s Plus Size Jeans:

Finding a pair of jeans comfortable enough to wear all day while still maintaining their shape used to seem like an impossible task. That was before women’s plus size jeans were made from a soft and supple denim with excellent stretch and recovery – meaning you can wear them for hours without having to worry about them getting saggy and baggy before the day is done. Our plus size jeans do this and so much more, like offering peace of mind every time you sit down thanks to contoured waists that eliminate pesky (and embarrassing) back gap. Available in a variety of cuts, rises and styles, and in classic button tops or comfy pull-ons with elastic waists, our plus size jeans are designed with your best look in mind. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your curves or create straight lined silhouettes, you can find your perfect pair of plus size jeans at landsend.com.

You know as well as anyone that all pants are not created equal. Don’t limit your wardrobe potential by living life with one pair of plus size pants at your disposal. Have fun rounding out your wardrobe with a pair of plus size pants for every occasion and be ready for anything life throws at you this season.

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