Women's Boots Your Mom Will Love

Women's Boots Your Mom Will Love

This winter season, gift your mom a practical and stylish gift that she will wear time and time again, especially when the temperature drops. We've got you covered with these women's boots your mom will love, whether your mom is a fashionista with a sassy flare who is more in the market for leopard print patterns and a chunky heel this winter, or she's more active and is looking for a solid, stable boot for outdoorsy adventures.

When shopping for women's winter boots for your mom, be sure to be considerate of her style and personality, along with her favorite shoe style. If your mom is typically a lover of flat shoes, don't buy her a pair of high-heeled boots, and if your mom loves a fun and vibrant, daring shoe, steer clear of the flat and more utilitarian styles. This way, your mom will be extra happy when she receives her new boots and gears up to wear them all season long.

Here are our picks for winter boots your mom will love.

1. Booties

Booties are crowd-pleasers each winter season. Could it be their fun and stable chunky heels? Or the low ankle height that makes them a statement maker? Either way, booties are the perfect footwear because they can be paired with everything from skinny jeans to denim shorts. They are versatile and comfortable while also having your feet's best interest at heart. Booties work as more transitional shoes from fall to winter, when the temperatures are not too low and you can wear more fashionable shoes without the fear of the cold nipping at your bare ankles.

Our favorite look for booties this winter are dark-wash skinny jeans tucked inside leopard print booties topped with a black or nude-colored oversized knit sweater. This look showcases the shoes, but you can always add statement jewelry like a gold necklace or big hoop earrings. For the more bold and fashionable mom, consider adding some complementary accessories to complete the outfit. Also, don’t forget the socks! When wearing ankle booties, make sure you have some low-profile or no-show socks. 

Booties have a sleek look to them, so you don’t want them to be bulging with a thick sock inside. You also don’t want socks peeking out from the top. So, double-check that you have the socks you need to complete your look. 

2. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are definitely on trend this winter season, but they are also consistently a classic option for footwear. Their minimalist heel is the perfect solution for a mom who blends styles and trends with comfort and functionality. Chelsea boots are typically mid-calf in height and feature a stretchy opening that allows them to easily be slipped on and off.

On colder days, this means you can layer thick socks beneath them without too much restraint. While these boots look a bit more utilitarian, they are making waves in the fashion industry. We love these low-profile kicks paired with leggings or black jeans, plus an oversized black sweater and a hat. Make sure you check the traction on the boots before giving them as a gift. For everyone, including moms, not slipping around in a sturdy boot is important for safety reasons. 

These boots are perfect for looking chic on a winter day yet comfortable enough that your mom won't have to sacrifice her warmth for style.

3. Tall Boots

Tall boots are classic and come in all forms, whether they are riding boots or stretch boots. Tall boots are classified as being knee-high or taller and offer a warm layer when compared to other boots like booties or Chelsea boots. High boots are easy to wear and match with most outfits, making them extra versatile and a favorite all around.

Your mom should pair her high boots with leggings or denim jeans and a long-sleeve turtleneck. For colder days, add a fleece vest for a chic look that is casual but cool. High boots come in all different colors and patterns, so choose a look that fits your mom's personal style.

4. Snow Boots

Be extra thoughtful this holiday season with a pair of new winter snow boots. Is your mom an avid skier? Or does she just live somewhere where it snows often? If so, keep her toes warm this winter season with a new pair of snow boots made with supportive rubber soles and warm interior layers that are snug and cozy for low temperatures. You don't have to stick with traditional snow boots though. Find a pair that showcase your mom's personality with an array of colors and details that stand out against the icy whiteness of snow. For example, you might choose a pair of snow boots in a bright color like pink or purple with contrasting piping or fur trim. Additionally, select a pair with an inner sleeve that can be tightened to stop any snow or moisture from leaking into the inside of the boot. Snow boots are often overlooked as statement clothing and shoes, but they are much appreciated come colder days.


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