5 Fabulous Travel Ideas for a Winter Vacation

5 Fabulous Travel Ideas for Winter Vacation

Do you want to take the whole family for an exciting and action-packed winter vacation for the holidays? Or maybe you’d like to relax and indulge in a quiet post-holidays winter getaway for yourself instead. Whether it’s a romantic couple’s weekend, a solo restorative retreat, a fun girls’ trip, or a vacation for the whole family, this list can help you navigate the best winter travel spots and help you decide what to bring along.


Whether you’re looking to spend a charming white Christmas away from home, or you want to unwind in a post-holidays winter wonderland in the new year, look no further than Quebec City. This small quaint city in Canada’s French province of Quebec is home to multiple winter festivals, holiday markets, and endless winter activities, so there is a little something for everyone.

Don’t forget a pair of comfortable winter snow boots because you’ll be wanting to take a walking tour of the Old City! Full of narrow cobblestone streets lined with quaint shops, cozy bakeries, and bistros, the old-world charm of this city is sure to enchant.

Visit Le Château Frontenac, the iconic snow-capped castle that overlooks the Saint Lawrence River. To get there and to take in some stunning panoramic views of the old city on the way, hop on the funicular. The historic funicular is a three-minute ride that transports you from the picturesque Lower Town up to the Chateau Frontenac terrace, where you can overlook the entire city.

Be sure to pack layers on this trip! You’ll want a cute cozy women’s wool sweater to sip a hot toddy in by the fire before heading out for the night in your all-weather jacket, ready for a romantic late-night stroll along the icy river.


If you want to dive head-first into a snowy, Nordic winter experience, head to Norway for your winter vacation. Endless outdoor recreation activities make this destination a number one choice for lovers of snow and exciting winter fun.

From dog-sledding and snow-mobile riding to snow-shoeing and ice-skating, there is no shortage of outdoor fun to be had in this winter wonderland. In addition to your hats and scarves, don’t forget your winter gloves or mittens on this snowy trip, as you’ll likely be spending plenty of time outdoors.

And what Arctic winter vacation would be complete without a peek of the famous Northern Lights? Be sure to pack your cozy thermal layers, such as women’s fleece to wear under your outer winter wear so you can stay warm while you stay up late to catch the magnificent aurora borealis.


Want to experience a fun-filled winter wonderland without having to dig up your passport or navigate international flights? Head to the Rockies! Known for fantastic hiking, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing, this is the number one choice for winter vacation spots for many sports enthusiasts.

Keep warm when you’re hitting the slopes of this state’s many world-class ski resorts with a good pair of snow pants.

Even if you’re not all that interested in outdoor winter sports or want more of a low-key, relaxing vacation, Colorado still might be the place for you! Just pack a swimsuit and book a leisurely day (or two!) at one of Colorado’s many natural hot springs and spas.


Maybe you already live in a winter wonderland, and you’re looking for a break from the ice and snow. Whether you plan to take the kids to Orlando’s many family-friendly theme parks and attractions or want to relax on a quiet sandy beach, Florida has something for every warm weather-seeking winter vacationer. Protect your skin from the Sunshine State’s intense rays while snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Florida’s springs with UPF-protecting tops, like a rash guard.

Stay cool and sun-safe while lounging on the warm sand at one of the many beaches by bringing an umbrella, a beach blanket, and plenty of snacks and water in your insulated tote or travel bag.


We round out this list with a popular winter destination that has it all. Thailand boasts warm winter weather—and as a bonus, humidity tends to drop during the winter months. The country is also home to world-famous cultural heritage sites, unique and delicious foods to sample, rainforests to hike, and stretches of pristine, white sandy beaches to lounge on. Adventure enthusiasts and beach-loungers alike will have no trouble finding something to do!

With warm, moderate temperatures this time of year, you won’t find yourself having to pack too much for this international trip. But make sure to bring the SPF and a cute breezy cotton dress to throw over your swimsuit after the beach so you can head straight to whatever adventure is next!


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