Outfit Ideas for Any Winter Trip

Here Are the Outfits You'll Need for Any Winter Trip

Winter travel is always tricky. How do you manage the temperature swings from the airport to the taxi line? What about travel to warmer destinations during the winter months? Travel in style this season with these jaw-dropping outfits for winter travel.

Travel in Comfort and Style

Got a long layover? Nothing is worse than tugging at your outfit as you wait out an unexpected winter storm. Comfort is queen while you're in transit, but that doesn't mean you need to look like you just stepped out of bed.

Consider stylish travel outfits that emphasize comfort, such as a chunky-knit women's sweater with a cozy pair of wooly leggings. Dress the look up with cute leather ankle boots with warm boot socks. Keep it fashion-forward with a few key accessories such as a set of bangles or a long necklace. This cozy look not only keeps you comfortable but will also have you looking flawless.

Casual Fridays

Every winter trip needs a few casual fashion staples; you're on vacay after all. Flannel shirts always bring a carefree winter look that's cozy and casual. Winter means sweater weather. Pack a versatile sweater that can easily be dressed up or down in order to save some room in your bag.

For pants, almost anything goes. Black jeans bring versatility to any wardrobe. Couple a pair with a sequin top to have a night out, or wear with a flannel shirt for a more casual look. The key to keeping it casual is to select staple pieces that offer some variety to your look.

The Perfect Night on the Town

If you're headed to a destination with some nightlife, be sure to dress up for a night out. Pack your favorite little black dress, and add a pop of surprise with a pair of flashy pumps in bright colors to contrast your dress.

Too cold for short hemlines? Leather is all the rage this season and provides plenty of glam with additional warmth. Alternatively, you can always dress up a pair of women's black jeans with a flashy top or blazer.

Sightsee or Be Seen

When it comes to exploring a new winter destination, you'll want to keep comfort in mind. You don't need to look like a tourist on long walking days filled with sightseeing. Instead, combine comfort and style with a look that both blends into today's hottest trends but also stands apart from the touring crowd.

Keep all your essentials handy with a stylish, convertible handbag that doubles as a backpack. By distributing the weight across both shoulders, you won't suffer from carrying a heavy handbag—plus you'll be right on trend this season.

A bigger bag offers enough room to stash some snacks, a water bottle, and even an extra layer or two on top of your other essentials. Keep your feet cozy with women's winter boots designed with a sense of style. Wear a layered look so you can adapt to the temperature swings throughout your day.

Escape Winter

Ahh, the feeling of fleeing to the tropics in the dead of winter. That refreshing, warm salty air is just the fix for the cold season of gloom. Get some sun this winter with a beach getaway. Every beach holiday needs the perfect flowy women's cover-up. Accentuate your beautiful curves with a sashed belt right at the waistline. Pack a few options for swimwear to avoid putting on the dreaded wet, cold bathing suit the next day. Bring fashion-forward looks with high-waisted bathing suits and one-pieces in fresh, sunny patterns.

Get into Nature and Look Fresh

Winter is a wonderful time to escape the confines of the inside and step into snowy landscapes. Go for a ski getaway or take time to snowshoe on your winter vacay for a fun-filled day of red cheeks and cheer. Don't leave home without a women's winter vest. It takes up less space than a full-blown jacket and provides plenty of warmth while you exercise. Remember to leave the cotton clothing at home; once cotton gets wet, it does little to protect against the cold. Instead, opt for wools, down, and synthetic materials to keep you warm. Bring durable gloves, a fleecy scarf, and wooly socks for your outdoor adventures.

Shake up the winter blues this season with a vacay you'll remember. Head to the beach or discover a winter wonderland in another city. These winter travel outfit tips combine comfort with fashion-forward looks. Forget about fretting with your outfit and focus on making memories with those that you love this winter season.


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