5 Tips to Escape a Winter Style Rut

5 Tips to Escape a Winter Style Rut

The winter blues aren’t just about coping with icky weather. It can also affect your personal style. When you’re on a budget or you haven’t felt inspired this winter season, it can be tough to break out of a fashion rut. You get tired of putting the same sweatshirt on day-in and day-out and feel uninspired by the same lineup of long-sleeve shirts and pants. Beat a winter style rut with these five fashion tips.

1. Revamp Old Favorites

Give your favorite winter fashions a revamp. Look at what you have and see how you can mix and match your favorite women’s sweater with a pair of bottoms you don’t always wear. Consider grabbing a few new staple items, such as a new pair of women’s jeans to keep your fan favorites looking fresh. Choose a new staple item that revamps your old favorite shirt or boots for a fun, fresh look. It doesn’t take a lot to give your favorite sweater or pair of jeans a new look. Go for a flirty top or pair of leggings to revamp a staple style.

2. Try Something Different

If you’re bored with your current closet, try a completely different winter look. Say you typically wear more relaxed, casual clothing–glam it up with a sparkly sweater or funky pair of pants. Try on a completely new style and go from sophisticated to boho or modern to western with different types of clothing. Head out on a shopping date and try on a variety of different styles to see if something suits you. If you’re bold, you can even mix and match pieces for a funky look.

3. Layer up and Layer Right

Adding layers can help to revamp a lot of older clothing pieces in new and innovative ways. Try wearing long underwear underneath an unbuttoned denim shirt. Top it all off with a beautifully patterned scarf or slouchy beanie. Layer your bottoms with ripped jeans and long underwear underneath.

Use boot socks to add a peep of color above your favorite pair of boots. Layering brings a cozy yet intriguing feel to any look. Try to mix and match a few of your favorite tops to create new and inspiring styles for your winter wardrobe.

4. Glam It up With Accessories

Accessories are a simple, budget-friendly way to change up any winter look. Scarves, hats, and gloves can add a pop of color or a touch of fun to an otherwise understated outfit. Pair a cute pair of jeggings with a boot sock that has a fun, wintery pattern. Let the sock peep out over your boots for a touch of personality.

Jewelry is also an excellent way to accessorize. Mix and match your jewelry with your outfit to put the finishing touches on a newfound winter look you’ll love. Silver, gold, or costume jewelry is a great way to enhance your winter style. Don’t forget nails, makeup, and hair too! Even just a mini makeover or a fresh hairstyle can bring your fashion mojo back.

5. Buy What You’ve Always Wanted

If you’re really in a rut, consider picking one item that you’ve always wanted and splurging. Buy that fit-and-flare dress you’ve always had your eye on, or go for a couple of light sweaters that are excellent layering pieces that can even be worn into spring as a transitional piece. Your little splurge doesn’t have to be something practical. It can be fun and whimsical too.

The point is, sometimes you need to revamp your wardrobe a little to beat a winter style rut, and that’s okay. Grab something you’ve always wanted and feel fashion-forward with a new piece of clothing that fits your personal style. Don’t hold back. Instead, treat yourself to that special something that will make your wardrobe feel fresh, fun, and fabulous all over again.

When it comes to beating a winter style rut, the key is to think outside the box. Mix things up with touches of flair here and there. Accessorize in creative ways, buy that special something, or even try a completely new look. Take advantage of the cold weather to layer up. Have fun this winter season with these styling tips.


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