Winter Skincare: The Ultimate Guide

Winter Skincare: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing holiday gifts this year may take a bit of extra planning due to supply chain issues, but you can get everything you need for a special gift-giving season. Shopping early is key, and ideas from this winter skincare guide can help you find unique and special gifts for the people in your life. When it comes to winter skincare, things to focus on include hydration, moisturization, and protection. Keeping skin clean with gentle soap is important, as well, and this ultimate guide to winter skincare and finding skin-protecting gifts during a supply chain crunch can help you find those just-right, special gifts.

Protect Delicate Skin With Hats and Gloves

Things to wear might not be the first to come to mind when you’re thinking about skincare, but these items are so important when you’re looking for winter skincare ideas. Hats and gloves keep the sun off your face and hands can help prevent premature aging from sun exposure. Keeping the wind off your skin also helps prevent dry, cracked skin. As a gift idea, giving a gift that offers warmth and comfort is a way to show you care about the recipient. Choose from the selection of beanies, expedition hats, thick gloves, and cozy mittens to find these items in colors that suit the recipient’s style or match a favorite jacket.

Wear Women’s Scarves for Neck Protection

The neck is a body part that’s sometimes overlooked when it comes to skincare. However, it needs just as much care as the face and hands and women’s scarves to protect the neck from the wind can make a thoughtful gift. Scarves add style, warmth, and protection from the wind and sun that can help keep neck skin in good condition. You can add personalization to a scarf for a thoughtful gift-giving touch. Additionally, you can choose a scarf and hat combination set or look for gloves that match a scarf to create a personal gift set.

Beach Cover-Ups for Winter Vacations

If a beach vacation is in your winter plans, a cover-up offers a way to protect skin from the sun’s rays. It also can help keep you comfortable between dips in the pool or surf. As a gift idea, a cover-up creates a sweet surprise for the person going on a trip, and it pulls double duty by being appropriate to wear at the beach, poolside, or when enjoying other winter vacation activities. Consider a dress or skirt cover-up to create a look that goes from the beach to an event.

Christmas Sweaters to Keep Arms Out of Sun and Wind

With Christmas Sweaters, you can add a playful touch to holiday events while keeping your arms and wrists protected from the sun and wind. You can choose one of these sweaters in a bold holiday theme to wear throughout the Christmas season. Or, for one that’s suitable for wearing throughout the remainder of winter, choose a classically-styled sweater that delivers a dressy touch to a holiday outfit. Looking for a themed gift for the whole family? Consider matching Christmas sweaters. Matching sweaters create some special photo opportunities and set a fun mood for holiday festivities.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is an important part of keeping skin looking fresh and healthy, and insulated drinkware makes it easy to keep a cup of water handy. As a gift idea, consider a monogrammed tumbler or one in the recipient’s favorite color. Additionally, consider adding a cosmetic bag or countertop organizer for the bathroom, so the recipient has a special place to store a favorite type of moisturizer.

Choose Skin-Friendly Soaps for Clean Skin

While facial skin can require special products for washing and moisturizing, body skin typically responds well to gentle soaps, like the ones found in soap sets. Keeping skin clean is an important part of skincare, and choosing non-GMO, cruelty-free Christmas soap gift sets that contain no sulfates, phosphorus, phthalates, gluten, or parabens is a way to help promote healthy skin. If choosing soap sets as a Christmas gift during the supply chain issues, check to see if it’s shipping directly from the manufacturer, and note the expected delivery date to be certain arrives in time for your holiday gift-giving.

Shopping as early as possible is the key to getting the gifts you want for your loved ones this holiday season. Whether you want to create a gift basket of skincare products and protective garments that keep skin out of the sun and wind, or you’re looking for a single amazing gift idea, these items from Lands’ End can offer a thoughtful solution to your gift-giving needs.


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