Winter essentials when they are essential

I'm always chilled to the bone in the winter. Even fall and spring can be a real struggle for me. I never know what to wear and I always end up wishing I'd worn something more weather appropriate. I leave the house looking lovely, but spend the day freezing! Arm yourself with a few winter essentials and quiet your chattering teeth.

Long Underwear: You may have never tried long underwear outside of a ski or sledding outing, but you should give them a try. Start with silk long underwear. They are the perfect layering piece for anyone who needs a little extra help staying warm. They feel so nice against your skin; once you own a pair you will plan your outfits around them for at least three seasons of the year. Try wearing silk long underwear in place of tights with your sweater dress. A silk long underwear top works as a first layer under your dressy blouses.

Synthetic long underwear, like Lands' End Thermaskin, is another option. This style has performance properties, which make it great for more active work. It wicks moisture, halting those hot/cold/hot moments from sweat buildup while you work. They are great under clothing while you work or play in the winter snow, but did you know they also make great pajamas?

A cozy vest: When winter comes calling, you'll need a good winter jacket, sure. But don't discount the added comfort of a cozy down vest. Wear it under your wool coat for added warmth, or as a casual layer indoors. That's the same beauty of a fleece vest. Armed with a vest, you'll have what you need for absolutely any winter activity that involves fighting the elements....even if your winter activity is something as simple as walking to your vehicle.

A toasty turtleneck: Isn't it great when a shirt designed for total warmth becomes popular? Turtlenecks are all over the fashion magazines. Nothing beats a turtleneck for heat-sealing comfort. It also is a slick way to add a dash of color to your neutral and black cozy sweaters.

Plenty of scarves: This is a fun accessory because it can be functional and fashionable. A scarf adds a dash of something new to your favorite staples, but their first function is warmth. Your deep v-neck sweaters aren't quite so chilly when you artfully tie your scarf into a gorgeous knot around your neck.

Real winter boots: Slush is an absolute fashion foe and it is everywhere once all of the shoveling and plowing begins. Always keep a pair of well-insulated weather-proof boots on hand. They will be the saving grace that allow the shoes you actually want to wear with your outfit to shine once you get to where you are going.

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