Winter Apparel You Can Wear in Springtime

Winter Apparel You Can Wear in Springtime

When the last of the fall foliage fell to the ground and winter settled in, we traded in our light jackets for our down coats. We made room in our closets for the parkas and puffers that we’d stuck into storage bins the year before. And while we were there, we might have longingly stolen glances at the shorts and sarongs we’ll rotate back in once summer rolls back around. We all know about that wardrobe shuffle, and as we start to notice some new leaves on the trees or flowers blooming on our morning walks, it’s time to embrace the shuffle yet again.

While some seasonal items definitely need to go back into the attic, garage, or that void at the very back of your linen closet, don’t overhaul your entire closet just yet. Some winter apparel is actually great for spring wear, which can make transitioning into this new season a bit more seamless. The winter items listed below are all great options for putting together spring looks.

Some Light Blue Jeans

Jeans are an essential part of any winter wardrobe. On most winter days, you can stay comfy with a pair of jeans plus your thermal and a parka, and on days when the temperature drops, you can layer your jeans over some fleece-lined leggings or long underwear. While jeans are a must-have for cold weather, you can also absolutely style them for spring, especially if they’re a lighter shade. For example, a pair of trendy, light blue straight-leg jeans looks great with boots and a coat in the winter but also works with a linen top and cute sneakers in the spring.

A Knit Hat

A beanie or other style knit hat is a must on chilly winter days, but this winter accessory also makes a great addition to several spring looks. A winter hat, like a cash touch beanie or a rib-knit beanie, can also keep your head warm as any lingering winter chill overstays its welcome.

Rock a knit hat or any of your other go-to beanies with a pullover crewneck sweater and some cropped ankle jeans for a laid-back look that’s perfect for an overcast spring day. Plus, if you happen to encounter any April showers, a beanie can help protect your hair from the frizz factor!

A Tunic Sweater

Women's tunic sweaters are another cold-weather wardrobe essential that you can carry over into spring. In the winter, pair your tunic sweater with fleece-lined leggings and add a down coat layer. And in the spring, simply opt for lighter-weight leggings or cropped pants instead of your heavy-duty winter bottoms, and wear your tunic sweater as-is or with a light jacket or raincoat layer, depending on the weather.

Some Corduroy Leggings

While we’re on the topic of leggings (which, by the way, is one of our favorite topics!), corduroy leggings are another great clothing item for both winter and spring. Rock some corduroy leggings with a cable knit turtleneck sweater and some thigh-high or knee-high boots in the winter, or keep them more spring-friendly with a breezy blouse and cute kicks in the spring. These versatile bottoms will keep you feeling stylish and comfy, from those brisk winter days to those breezy spring nights!

A Cardigan Sweater

A cardigan sweater definitely makes this list because it’s just so perfect for layering. A women's cashmere cardigan, for example, works great over a sweater dress, mock neck, or an Oxford with jeans or dress pants in the winter. You might even want to incorporate a cashmere cardigan into your holiday season looks.

When the season transitions, though, you can absolutely keep this same cardigan in your rotation by wearing it over an airy maxi dress or over a flowy peasant top with a flowy skirt or cropped linen pants in the spring.

Some Waterproof Boots

While spring means those sunny summer days are on the horizon, this season can also mean lots of rain. After all, we need those Aprils showers if we want May flowers, right? So, just as you’ll want waterproof outerwear available in spring, you might want to keep your waterproof winter boots around, too.

If you’re looking for a pair of boots, that’s perfect for both winter and spring, opt for a pair of women's duck boots. Some stylish yet practical flannel-lined Chelsea duck boots, for example, will keep your feet nice and snug in the winter and also keep them dry during a spring rain shower.

These accessories and clothing staples are must-haves when transitioning from winter to spring. And, of course, once summer comes you can make room for nothing but swimsuits and wide-brimmed sunhats (we can dream, right?).


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