True or False: Will My Jeans Keep Shrinking?

True or False: Will My Jeans Keep Shrinking?

Jeans are one of the most versatile types of pants you can own, but one thing you've probably heard about women's jeans is that they shrink when you wash them. While hot water can shrink denim, most jeans these days come prewashed. That means they probably won't shrink much at all when you wash them, and they won't continue to shrink with extended washes. You might notice they're a little snug after the first wash, but the fabric will loosen up with wear.

How to Care for Jeans

The best way to ensure your jeans fit properly is to measure yourself before ordering and compare your measurements with the size chart. Beyond that, you can keep your jeans in great condition with proper care. If you want to preserve your denim for the longest time possible, hand wash in cold water using a gentle detergent. Rinse out the soap, press out excess water and let your jeans dry flat or on a clothesline.

Jeans can also be machine-washed to save time and hassle. Use cold water and the gentlest setting on your machine. One trick that can help extend the life of your jeans and the integrity of the color is to turn them inside out before tossing them in the wash. This applies to everything from women's black jeans to faded and acid-washed styles.

Wash your jeans as little as possible to keep them in like-new condition. If you spill something on them, spot clean the area instead of washing the entire pair. You can use vinegar to remove small stains, and a cup of vinegar added to your rinse water when machine washing helps your denim stay colorfast longer.

Storing Jeans

You've probably noticed that most stores display their jeans folded instead of hanging on a rack. While you can store jeans in the closet on a hanger, you'll find that it's just as easy to fold them into thirds and stack them in a dresser or on a shelf. The great thing about jeans is that they're durable and versatile, so you can store them in the way that works best for you.

Make selecting outfits easier by putting them together the night before. For example, you could hang your jeans with the top or sweater you want to wear with them and put your footwear and accessories nearby. When you're ready to get dressed, you won't have to search for the pieces you want because they're all grouped together.

What to Wear with Jeans

Now that you know how to care for your jeans, consider what to wear with them. Whether you're buying petite or plus size jeans, you'll discover that the right pair of jeans can be worn with almost anything. For example, you could wear your favorite pair with a casual T-shirt or a cashmere sweater. Jeans can be dressed up or down with footwear, accessories, and outerwear.

For a casual outfit that can be worn for lounging or running errands, wear a pair of dark-wash jeans with a white T-shirt. Layer on a cardigan, sweater or sweatshirt depending on the season and temperature. For a sparkly touch, add a statement necklace and a pair of hoop earrings. Finish the look with a pair of ankle booties or calf-high riding boots.

If you want a dressy denim outfit, wear your favorite skinny jeans with a sleek turtleneck and a pair of heels. Add a long silver- or gold-tone necklace to add to the elongated look. Finish with a blazer or belted jacket in a fashionable neutral like camel, gray or black.

Jeans for Every Body

There's a pair of jeans for every figure. You'll find curvy fit jeans that hug your body's contours, along with straight leg jeans that encourage a streamlined look. There are high-rise jeans that look great on everyone, which is one reason they're popular with women of all ages. The high-waisted look can be worn with a crop top for an on-trend outfit or paired with a tucked-in blouse for a look that's modest and stylish.

Mid-rise bootcut jeans are a good choice for every body types. As the name suggests, this cut is best for wearing with boots and booties. You can wear them with cowboy boots or a boot with a stacked heel. This style of jean flares out slightly at the ankle and are great for creating a '90s-inspired look.

If you're all about comfort but still want to look pulled together, wear jeggings with a tunic top. The jeggings look like jeans but have the feel of leggings, while the tunic provides ample coverage for the midsection and hips. No matter what type of jeans you ultimately choose, washing only when necessary and treating them gently will ensure they last for as long as possible.


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