Why You're Never Too Grown Up for a Pajama Party

Why You're Never Too Grown Up for a Pajama Party

Staying up late watching rom coms and teen dramas. Wearing cute and cozy pajama sets and doing your best friend’s nails. Gorging on junk food and giggling over harmless local gossip. Sounds like a typical middle school girl’s sleepover, doesn’t it? By why let them have all the fun? There are plenty of reasons why you should still get together with your besties and have a good old fashion sleepover. Here's why you should host a pajama party and how you can make it happen:

Relax and Let Loose

It is a party, after all! Hosting a pajama party is the best way to get your closest friends and family together without all of the decorum and expectation of a formal party. Ditch the formality, throw your hair in a messy bun, and get ready for a night of fun and relaxation. This type of party is for snacking on junk food, vegging out in your best cute comfy pajamas, and relaxing the night away.

An Opportunity for Deep Bonding

Remember sharing secrets under the covers, styling your best friend’s hair to the nine’s just to go raid the fridge at midnight, and feeling like you would absolutely die without your best girlfriends? Tap into that deep, sweet friendship love by hosting a girl’s night sleepover party at any point in your life. Braid each other’s hair, make each other cocktails or fun snacks, and play some silly games.

If you can, take the time to really unwind by making a full-on staycation: throw your cute pajamas into your women’s overnight bag and book a local hotel room or rental room with your girlies and really unwind away from family life. Make it spa-themed by creating some natural homemade facemasks, get footbaths for bath bomb soaks, and give each other mani-pedis. A grown-up pajama party is the perfect opportunity to create (or reaffirm) close bonds with your best gal pals.

Yummy Snacks and Drinks

Create a menu of fun themed drinks and snacks for your guests, or make it pot-luck style and have them bring the goods. No matter how you plan the most delicious part of your grown-up pajama party, make sure you have the classic sleepover essentials: cookies, popcorn, and soda (and maybe a boozy beverage or two). Make the snacks part of the fun by having an interactive cooking time planned. Make homemade pizza together, or roast hotdogs and marshmallows by the fire. For a more grown-up feel to your snacking options, make a fabulous charcuterie and cheese board complete with wine pairings. Alternatively, you could mix and match your go-to grown-up foods and flavors with the fun flavors of your youth. For example, did you know that Milky Way and Three Musketeers bars pair perfectly with a lush and velvety red zinfandel? Or that a crisp bubbly prosecco is the perfect pairing mate for a bowl of salty, buttery popcorn? Have you ever added caviar to a Lunchable? Go crazy, have fun.

Get Cozy

Make your home the comfiest it has ever been. This is a sleepover-themed party after all. Turn your living room into a giant bedroom for all of your guests to lounge in. Cover the floor with blowup mattresses or some luxe mattress pads , big plush pillows, and thick comforters. Gather in the cozy nest you’ve created to watch movies or just hang out together.

Play Games

Have a collection of board games at the kitchen table for groups to play. Introduce a new card game. Get everyone up and moving around with a game of Charades or Twister. Play the old sleepover classic, Truth or Dare—you know you want to.

Have a Movie Marathon

Everyone has a list of movies they’ve been meaning to watch for ages but can never get around to. Now is the time. You’ve already turned your living room into a big, cozy bed for everyone to lounge about in. Grab some extra fleece blankets, pop some extra popcorn, and settle in. Make your movie night-themed: See how many spooky horror movies you can watch in a row, or watch a collection of old romantic Hollywood classics.

Matching Pajama Sets

Nothing says sleepover like a set of cute and cozy PJs. As a party favor, get all of your guests matching pajamas. Complete the look with matching socks or slippers.

Have an Instagram-able, Pinterest-worthy Time

Speaking of matching pajamas, don't forget to take pictures. Capture the memories (and the style) of your pajama party night to share with friends and family. Set up a photo booth in a corner of your home for guests to take their own pics or your pajama party fun. Hang a tapestry or tinsel and provide fun and silly props.

As you can see, slumber parties aren't just for giggly pre-teen girls. Whether you're looking to relive the magic of your youth or just let loose and relax with your friends while wearing pajamas, we hope this article has shown you're absolutely never too old for a pajama party.


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