Reasons Your Child Will Love School Uniforms

Reasons Your Child Will Love School Uniforms

Adults know that there are advantages to school uniforms. Do kids feel the same way? When you buy quality uniforms in sizes that fit your kids perfectly, they may just surprise you by falling in love with their school uniforms. Follow these shopping, selection, and care tips for school uniforms your child will be happy to put on in the morning.

Get Your Child Involved in the Uniform Process

Your child is much more likely to be happy with a school uniform and be ready to wear it on school mornings when he or she is involved in the process. Consider what restrictions or requirements are necessary for your child’s school, and then let your child have whatever measure of freedom is allowed within that system. For example, lots of schools are moving toward flexible dress codes, in which students have a choice among a specific set of colors in items like school uniform polo shirts (such as light blue, royal blue, white, navy, or tan). Kids may be allowed to wear shorts or long khaki school pants, trousers, skirts, skorts, pinafores or jumpers, short or long-sleeved polo shirts, button-down shirts, turtlenecks, or other items.

Students may also have other optional items they may choose to wear, such as cardigans, blazers, sweaters, fleece jackets, vests, hoodies, or ties in school colors. Socks and shoes are another area in which kids may have choices. Let them decide on sock colors and styles within the school regulations. Have kids go with you to the store to try on the clothes, or if the clothes are ordered, have the kids try clothes on right away to make sure they are happy with the fit. Allow your child to create items such as custom notebooks or carry a monogrammed backpack to have some personal style.

Choose High-Quality School Uniform Pieces

Another way you can make sure your child loves his or her school uniform is to buy high-quality items. Buying from a trusted brand and getting items that are well-constructed and done in durable, soft materials will go a long way in ensuring your child is happy with the uniform. Lower-quality pieces may feel itchy, scratchy, or uncomfortable. Ensure your child can learn optimally by buying comfortable, well-constructed school uniforms.

Buy Comfortable Uniform Fabrics That Make a Difference

The right fabrics that will breathe, be durable, and offer the highest level of comfort will help your kids love their school uniforms. Look for fabrics such as:

Don’t Overlook Uniform Details

Just as not all uniforms are made with the same construction or fabric quality, there are plenty of differences in the details, too. It’s these small details that can make a big impact on the look, feel, functionality, and durability of school uniform pieces. Consider key details such as:

  • Easy-care fabrics that can be machine washed and resist fading and shrinking
  • Soft, warm fabrics that can be layered without being overly bulky
  • Open or zippered pockets to help keep belongings stowed away safely
  • Well-made collars that lay attractively and maintain comfort
  • Smooth linings in pieces such as jumper and pullover jackets for optimal comfort
  • Tailored finishes that provide a great fit and a polished, pulled-together look appropriate for school
  • Breathable cotton socks for comfort all throughout the day
  • Well-made fall and winter jackets with hoods and drawstrings to complete the look and ward off cold-weather chills
  • Custom hats can ward off a chill at recess or outdoor activity

Find a Uniform Fit That Works

It’s important to find the perfect fit that makes kids feel confident in their school uniforms. Look at reviews, carefully evaluate size charts, and have your child try items on well in advance of the school start date to ensure they get a great fit and can concentrate on what matters most—their education.

Care for Uniforms so They Last

Once you’ve decided on the perfect uniform pieces and the ideal fit, you’ll want to care for these items properly, so they can be loved all year long. Always follow the care instructions on the label for each item. For extra softness, add white vinegar as a fabric softener substitute to keep clothes fresh and soft. Treat stains immediately with a stain spray, stain stick, or with a gentle wash in warm or cool water, depending on the type of stain. Allow items with heavy stains, such as food, grass, or blood, to presoak before washing. Use a color-safe bleach to help remove tough stains. Wash school uniform gym clothes in the hottest water possible with a mild detergent. Add scent beads in the wash for extra freshness.

Whether it’s a pen with your child’s initials or a favorite school top, care for your child’s school items well, and your young scholar will be happy throughout the school year!


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