Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Cashmere Sweater

Why you should treat yourself to a cashmere sweater

Every woman deserves the soft, luxurious feel of a great cashmere sweater. So, you might be wondering, why wear cashmere? Well, it’s not so much a treat, but a necessity, especially when you consider how long cashmere lasts. Though pieces made from this timeless fiber can be expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment. After all, can you think of anything that feels and looks this good? A basic cashmere top will never go out of style either, so you can get your money’s worth by wearing it season after season.

Cashmere simply feels amazing

Lands’ End cashmere comes from Mongolia, where goats grow coats of soft, downy hair to keep them warm in the freezing winters. Only the finest pieces of this hair are removed with a comb and turned into cashmere wool, ensuring our knitwear is of the highest quality. You’ll notice the difference when you put your sweater on and feel how incredibly plush and smooth it is. And when something is this nice, there’s no need to layer up – simply enjoy the way it feels against your bare skin.

Cashmere lasts for years

If you’re looking to avoid the fast fashion trap – where you buy cheap, poorly-made clothes and wear them just a few times before they wear out and end up in the trash – consider cashmere. With proper care, it can last for decades (30 years isn’t unheard of), unlike a flimsy sweater that can barely survive a trip through the washing machine. Keep cashmere looking good by storing it in a cool, dry place away from heat and humidity. You can also add a sachet of lavender to ward off moths.

Cashmere is incredibly versatile

A good cashmere sweater looks gorgeous with almost anything in your closet and can be mixed and matched with so many different pieces. Try a cashmere cardigan over a tank top or tee and suddenly, it’s fall-friendly. Wear a cashmere top with a pleated skirt, blouse and pumps when you need to look sharp for an interview or parent-teacher conferences. Cashmere is also nice with denim, so wear that sweater with your favorite skinny jeans when grabbing lunch with a friend or slip it over your favorite dress.

Caring for cashmere is simple

Have you been hesitant to buy cashmere because you think it’s hard to care for? Don’t worry – it’s actually easy. Just set your machine to the delicate cycle, add some wool-safe detergent and you’ll be ready to wash your cashmere sweater; you can even place it in a garment bag for extra protection. Cashmere can also be cleaned in a sink filled with cool water and a splash of mild detergent. If your sweater is a little on the smelly side, add a little vinegar to cut odors.

You can wear cashmere to the office

Dressing for work can be a pain. You have to find clothes that look professional, but are comfortable enough to survive in for at least eight hours – a tall order indeed. It gets so much easier when you have a cashmere sweater, though! The soft fibers never itch or scratch and it’s also breathable, so you won’t find yourself a sweaty mess by the day’s end. You can even replace your trademark blazer with a belted cashmere cardigan that feels infinitely more relaxed.

Cashmere is wonderfully warm

A cashmere sweater is the perfect piece for dressing up when it’s freezing cold outside.

Since it can be up to eight times warmer than your wool sweaters, you can count on cashmere when the icy, biting weather arrives. And there’s nothing as nice as looking great and feeling comfortable, so reach for that cozy cardigan or crewneck when you’ve got to look your best, but don’t want to shiver your way through the night.

Cashmere is not just for fall

Are you worried that you won’t wear a cashmere sweater enough to justify making the investment? Don’t be! Though chilly fall days are perfect sweater weather, you can still wear your cashmere top in spring – it’s so lightweight that you won’t feel weighed down. And a cashmere cardigan can even be worn in the place of a jacket on summer evenings, so don’t think of it as a single-season material.

You deserve cashmere

So, is cashmere worth it? Like many women, you probably spend your days balancing a career and family life. Time is precious and opportunities to pamper yourself are rare. So don’t miss out on a simple way to indulge – get that cashmere sweater you’ve been longing for. It’s rare to find something so versatile, easy to care for and long-lasting, meaning this is a reasonable indulgence that will pay off in so many ways. After all, there’s something to be said for having a great piece in your closet that you can rely on for any occasion, whether it’s that much-deserved date night, a piano recital or even coffee with your best friend.


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