Why You Should Still Wear Skinny Jeans

Why You Should Still Wear Skinny Jeans

When browsing around the internet, it doesn’t take long to find plenty of information about what to wear and what not to wear. Skinny jeans are the perfect example. They’ve been popular for over a decade and for several good reasons, including versatility and comfort features. A pair of skinny jeans is a garment you can build up multiple outfits; plus, they're so easy to completely change your look. By switching the footwear, top, jacket, or sweater, you can take one pair of skinny jeans from casual and outdoorsy to an elegant style for a night on the town.

Skinny Jeans Create the Illusion of Longer Legs

The way this type of jeans makes your legs appear longer is the first reason why you can keep your skinny jeans. The lean lines of close-cut denim showcase your legs, whether you’re short or tall. This style doesn’t feature a lot of extra fabric hanging loose around your legs, as you might see with relaxed fit or bootcut jeans, so it creates the impression of an extra-lean bodyline. The type of footwear you pair with your skinny jeans can enhance the effect even more, like heels to extend the appearance of length for shorter legs or flats to balance out your look if you have longer legs.

Comfortable to Wear

Skinny jeans may look like they would be snug, but they’re actually quite comfortable. The way these pants are cut is what creates the ‘skinny’ effect. The fabric rests close against the skin, but the legs of the pants aren’t meant to be tight enough to cause discomfort. Additionally, skinny jeans are often made with a higher rise, so the waistband is less likely to roll down when you take a seat. Additionally, you can say goodbye to the risk of showing more than you want to show because the waistband sliding down below your hips when you bend, or squat is something that typically doesn’t happen with high-waisted skinny jeans.

Skinny Denim Leggings Go With Anything

Skinny denim leggings offer versatility and convenience because you can dress them up or down to suit any occasion. One pair of skinny jeans can be matched with sneakers, a casual T-shirt, and a bucket hat to create a fun, casual look for the beach. Staying home or running errands? Pull-on a cozy fleece top or flannel shirt with your skinny jeans to stay comfortable all day. The same pair of jeans can be matched with flats and a polo shirt to wear at the office followed by heels and a bracelet-sleeve blouse to wear when going out for the evening.

Good for Any Season

In addition to being versatile enough for any occasion, these jeans are functional enough to wear during any season. They look equally great when worn with a tank top and sneakers or with a down-insulated parka and warm, fuzzy boots. Additionally, you can combine snug and loose-fitting tops with your skinny jeans for a layered effect that still works when the weather changes during the day. Even better, you can use this type of layering to add balance to your look. For example, if you want to showcase your legs while accentuating your torso, pair your skinny jeans with a looser top.

Jeggings Look Good on Most Body Types

One of the main reasons skinny jeans are so popular and have been for so many years, is they accentuate the appearance of most body types. When skinny jeans are made from stretchy material, they can be referred to as jeggings, and they look good on most body types. The way these leggings are cut to fit snugly but without actually being tight allows them to showcase and enhance legs of all sizes. Additionally, they have the same effect in both men's and women's styles.

Great for Showcasing Footwear

If you take pride in your shoe collection, a great pair of skinny jeans can be one of your best friends. Here’s why. Skinny jeans don’t hang over your shoes or boots. The footwear you choose becomes an important part of your overall look. That means you can showcase your favorite footwear simply by pairing your shoes or boots with skinny jeans.

If you like the way skinny jeans look on your body type, then you should keep on enjoying the great fit and comfort you get when you wear them. Choose jean jackets to match your skinny jeans for an edgy coordinated effect that looks good with a T-shirt or slim-cut top.


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