Why You Should Start Saving Clothing Items for Your Family's Next Generations

Why You Should Start Saving Clothing Items for Your Family's Next Generations

There's something comforting about wearing your grandfather's sweater or grandmother's wedding dress down the aisle. When special clothing is passed down from generation to generation, it's more than just about wearing stylish outfits.

These timeless pieces are a part of your family's fabric and tell a story that spans decades. If you've been looking for a way to preserve your legacy and to continue your family's story, start preserving special clothing items for your next generations.

But what clothing is the best to save? Should you stash away some women’s sweaters or one of your timeless black dresses? It doesn't matter what you want to save, but the clothing that is the most likely to survive is made of durable materials and has an evergreen style. Check out these reasons why you should start saving special clothing ideas for your family’s next generations.

How to Save Clothing

When you outgrow clothing that is made with quality and has a timeless style, don't toss it out. Instead, capture it in a “time capsule” that your child can access when they grow up. There's nothing more exciting than opening a package with clothing that is just your size — but it was worn when your parents were the same age as you.

It's even better when the clothing can still be worn in your time because it is made with quality and timelessness in mind. Though it's possible to simply fold clothing in a box and put it in the attic, this can cause the fabric to deteriorate and become damaged from water and pests.

Instead, vacuum seal your clothing in bags that are made to preserve comforters, coats, and more. This item can easily be found in a home goods store for a modest price. This method of storage eliminates most of the oxygen in the package, which slows down any deterioration that can happen to fabric in storage. it also keeps away moisture and is a strong barrier against pesky mice and insects. Therefore, when your next generation is ready to open up the package, the clothing comes out just as fresh and vibrant as you left it.

Reason #1: Because They’ll Always Have A Piece Of You

Vintage clothing that is passed down from relatives captures a piece of the original wear. It just becomes even more special as it gets passed down to even more generations. Classic items like fit and flare dresses and men's blazers can be enjoyed for decades when they are properly cared for and stored in the right way. When your loved one wears this clothing, it becomes an excellent conversation piece and a source of pride for the wearer. Some of the most notable clothing are wedding dresses and other special occasion clothing encapsulating an era in time.

Reason #2: Because Slow Fashion Is Good for the Environment

While fast fashion can keep your closet fresh with trendy styles, it's always useful to keep you're slow fashion staples nearby. Your grandmother’s vintage cashmere turtleneck will look just as good on you as it did on her back in the day, and you get the peace of mind that this lovely piece didn’t end up in a landfill. The more clothing you can keep out of the waste bin the better, so preserving your clothing is a responsible thing to do for the planet.

Reason #3: Because You Save Money for the Next Generation

Key items that don't go out of style are typically higher-end items that can require some investment. This includes materials like cashmere, silk, and intricately embroidered sweaters. When you invest so much in a piece of clothing, it shouldn't go to waste. Your next generation can enjoy these beautiful items and not have to go to a high-end store to enjoy the luxury of cashmere and silk. This is especially useful for young people going to the business world who need some good-looking suits for the office. As your next generation takes off, the quality clothing that you save them will definitely come to use and be appreciated.

Reason #4: Because Vintage Is Just Fun

Consignment stores will always be around because there is a never-ending fascination with all things vintage. High-quality clothing should be preserved and passed down so that people can enjoy the styles that contributed to today's trends. You will also be surprised at how little things have changed when it comes to staple items like flannel shirts and jeans. It's a way to diversify your closet without going on the mainstream path, which is exciting and incredibly fun.

Saving special clothing for your family's next generation is a wonderful way to leave a legacy and benefit not just your family but the environment, too.


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