Why You Should Invest in a Good Houndstooth Long Coat This Winter

Why You Should Invest in a Good Houndstooth Long Coat This Winter

From A-list celebrities to fashion bloggers to that fashion-forward neighbor of yours, every woman needs a solid houndstooth coat. If you’ve been thinking about getting one but aren’t really sure how to style it, we have all the tips and tricks for staying fashionable during the cool weather months. Read on to learn why the houndstooth long coat has never gone out of style and why you should invest in one this winter.

What is a Houndstooth Coat?

The houndstooth coat got its name from the houndstooth dog because the pattern looks like the dog’s tooth. The same jagged teeth that a houndstooth is known for have become a timeless fashionable coat pattern. This playful style is perfect for a woman of any age. You’ll look simply striking and will turn heads as you’re walking down the street or grocery aisle.

Why is a Houndstooth Coat So Popular During Winter?

The popular houndstooth pattern first saw a revival in the 1960s in the U.K., with various fashion brands getting inspiration from the historical Scottish Lowlands clothing from the 1930s. Today, you’ll see the pattern pop up everywhere, from tops to ski suits and, of course, your favorite winter coat. A houndstooth coat helps elevate any outdoor winter look. Go casual by wearing your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt underneath. Dress it up effortlessly with a black cashmere turtleneck . Plus, unlike a standard winter parka, a houndstooth coat can transition through the seasons.

How to Style the Houndstooth Long Coat

Since the houndstooth coat normally comes in black and white, it’s easy to pair with any monochromatic outfit from head to toe. You can wear it with an all-black or all-white look. You can play around with other colors, from a bold red to a calming blue. Use a statement piece like a purse or pearl necklace to take your houndstooth long coat look to the next level. You can even wear houndstooth prints on your blouse and trousers or a houndstooth dress underneath if you’d like to stick to the houndstooth print.

Houndstooth Turtleneck

Now that you know all about this pattern, are you wondering what else to wear besides the houndstooth coat? Speaking of sticking to the houndstooth print, here are some ideas of other houndstooth patterned items you can wear underneath the coat. For a top, try a lightweight, fitted long-sleeve turtleneck in a rich red houndstooth pattern. A turtleneck is ideal for layering since it’s so lightweight, thanks to a blend of cotton and rayon-modal.

Long-Sleeve Houndstooth

Love the look of a buttondown but hate having to worry about ironing or dry cleaning it? Welcome to the world of a no-iron Supima® cotton long sleeve shirt. This shirt comes in, you guessed it, a deep-sea navy houndstooth pattern. It’s made from the finest cotton in the country since Supima® cotton is specifically made from the top 3% of all cotton grown in the country. That fabric has a no-iron finish, so you don’t have to worry about waking about an extra 15 minutes ahead of time to warm up the iron and press your shirt before you head out the door. It’s machine washable so that you can wear this dress shirt wash after wash. Check out all of our long-sleeved t-shirts for women to find which fabric and style suit you best.

Fabulously Fleecy Houndstooth

Opt for a sweater fleece blazer if you’d like another layer on top of your turtleneck but underneath the long coat. You’ll have a flattering style in sweater fleece. Try different colors of the houndstooth pattern like a deep-sea navy or rich red. This kind of blazer is easy to machine wash, and not to mention it has anti-pilling and antistatic properties. If you love this look, be sure to check out all of our women’s fleece sweaters .

Packable Houndstooth

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better when it comes to the houndstooth pattern, it can. Check out an insulated packable quilted barn vest that can pack into a drawstring bag. Feel good knowing that the insulation in this vest was created from 100% recycled plastic. Mother Earth thanks you. No matter what the weather has in store for you, you’ll be prepared. You’ll also look fabulous in the light pecan houndstooth vest, as you would in any of our fashionably functional packable jackets.

Put On Your Houndstooth Pants

As for pants, you can wear pull-on pants in a rich coffee houndstooth pattern. They’re as comfortable as sweatpants yet have that look like you’re ready for your next big girl meeting. You’ll look and feel comfortably elegant in these houndstooth pull-on pants. Try corduroy elastic waist pants if you want sport knit corduroy pants, an all-time favorite for comfort and value, in a stone beige houndstooth pattern. Comfy has truly never looked better.

A houndstooth long coat is an affordable investment you’ll come back to every winter. Whether you’re headed on a hot date night out or just need something to keep you warm when you’re shopping for groceries in the middle of January, your houndstooth long coat is your cold-weather friend.


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