Why You Should Give Your Mom the Gift of Swimwear

Why You Should Give Your Mom the Gift of Swimwear

The sound of lawnmowers has returned, the snow forts have disappeared, the meteorologists seem more optimistic, and the grill is back in action.

Now that it’s May, we’ve been away from winter long enough where we can start to really take advantage of the warmer weather. Let’s start Mother’s Day by getting back into our summer habits: wearing sunscreen, UPF shirts, and finally wearing sandals on the regular.

The thing is, Mother’s Day is when a lot of you and your neighbors start opening up their pools for the summer. Or you’re heading to the lake house for the weekend to dust off all those winter cobwebs and start to paddle out onto the lake for that first swim.

Seeing as Mom loves spending time by the water, it’s a fitting day for Moms everywhere. And what better way to show her you care than by getting her a new swimsuit? Here are eight kinds of swimsuits that are perfect for your Mom on Mother’s Day.

What Kind of Swimsuit is Good for Women Who Sunbathe?

For some moms, sunbathing is as much a hobby as tennis, golf, swimming, or talking about how amazing her kids are. Like any great sport, sunbathing requires a uniform. Ideally, you want to get Mom a bathing suit that she’ll wear for years. If she hasn’t upgraded in quite some time, go with a similar style bathing suit to the one she has now. Get one that’s easy to wash, can resist chlorine, and has built-in sun protection. She’ll love those added features.

What is a Good Swimsuit for Active Moms?

She’s been taking you to the lake since you were a kid and what better way to spend time with Mom than matching her up with a dazzling new swimsuit? Considering she likes to hang at the dock, hop on the canoe, and play lawn games, you should get her a versatile swimsuit. Something like a two-piece swim top and skirt. If you get two sets of tops and bottoms, that’ll make four outfits for her to wear all summer long. Not bad!

What’s a Good Swimsuit for a Middle-Aged Mom?

Let’s face it, there’s not a single other swimsuit your mom has worn in recent memory. There are film negatives, never printed, but if you hold one up to a light, you can spot which swimsuit she’s in, and yep: same swimsuit. We’re talking decades. Nobody knows how it’s lasted that long, but it’s certainly a feat. She’s proud of how long it’s lasted, but while she’s waiting for her reward, you can gift her a brand new one. A newer swimsuit will last for many more Mother’s Days to come. Plus, since you can get her a chlorine-resistant upgrade, this swimsuit might last a few generations.

What is a Swimsuit That Can Block UV Rays for Mom?

Nobody wants to be concerned about a new mole. A new, upgraded swimsuit can protect Mom from the harsh UV rays she’s already concerned about. It’s not just for people who go to tanning salons or spend weeks tanning on the beach in bikinis…you’ll be glad to hear that they come in the comfy, classic swimsuit styles that are perfect for Mom.

What’s a Good Swimsuit for Water Aerobics?

Mom loves to join the ladies in the morning for a pool swim and even a water aerobics class. That chlorine can be a tough one though. So get her a new chlorine-resistant swimsuit that will hold up its vibrant colors.

What is the Best Mastectomy Swimsuit?

Celebrate Mom beating cancer. She won everything all over again and for this Mother’s Day, you ought to gift her the mastectomy swimsuit she deserves. It’s a sweet gesture and she’ll be flattered by how flattering the swimsuit feels.

What is the Best Coverup for New Moms?

Cover-ups are the best for when you want to hop out of the pool and don’t feel like walking around, feeling exposed. A cover-up is a modest option for Moms who like to hang out by the pool and would like to keep their skin protected from the sun. She may not be swimming every day, but you know she loves to read, play cards, talk to her girlfriends, and just lounge outside. The cover-up is a great Mother’s Day gift.

What is a Good Swim Skirt for a Mom?

Mom loves to go swimming but she’s not a fan of the more modern bikini bottoms. Treat her to a two-piece bathing suit with a swim skirt. She’ll feel so comfortable wearing the skirt all day, it will feel like she can wear it anywhere. She might even confuse it with her tennis skirt.


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