Why You Need UPF Sun Protection in Swimsuits and More

Why You Need UPF 50 Sun Protection in Swimsuits and More

Lands’ End has a UPF 50 protection collection that includes swimsuits, cover-ups and so much more. Our UPF 50 clothing provides both comfort and peace of mind, everywhere under the sun. Swimming, hiking, working in the garden, walking the dog, a true sun salutation yoga pose…when you’re outdoors, sun protection matters. UPF 50 is the highest sun protection rating for apparel and you’ll find it in so many comfy Lands’ End styles. We’ll give you the inspiration you need to live an easy lifestyle with clothing you can make a splash in just about anywhere.

How did Lands’ End and the Skin Cancer Foundation team up?

It all started in 2013 with our UPF 50 swim shirt. Lightweight and comfy, the Lands’ End UPF 50 swim tee quickly became a must-have, in and out of the water. We knew we were onto something important. So, we reached out to the Skin Cancer Foundation who confirmed it. Today, we offer a variety of Skin Cancer Foundation recommended UPF 50 swimwear and clothing. These styles were created to be worn every day. In our UPF 50 protection collection, you can plan your safest summer days ever. We’ve got you covered, anywhere under the sun. Since we’re always sending the Skin Cancer Foundation new fabrics to test, Lands’ End’s list of Skin Cancer Foundation recommended UPF 50 clothing and swimwear continues to grow.

How Does UPF 50 Clothing Work?

UPF clothing absorbs or blocks UV radiation. UPF 50, which is the rating Lands’ End UPF 50 clothing and swimwear has earned, is the highest rating allowed for apparel. Because it’s part of the fabric, the protection provided by UPF 50 fabric lasts all day. It’s the most effective form of protection against sun damage for covered areas.

What Does the Number That Follows UPF Measure?

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is what UPF stands for, is a rating system that measures the UV protection provided by any given fabric. This rating system is very similar to the SPF rating system, which most people are more familiar with since it is used to rate sunscreen. Lands’ End UPF clothing and swimwear have a UPF rating of 50. That is the highest possible rating. It means that only 1/50th of the UV radiation is allowed to pass through the fabric. In other words, our UPF 50 fabric effectively blocks 98% of the sun’s UV rays. The next time you go boating, leave your hoodie at home. Wear our UPF 50 hooded full zip rash guard instead. It has long sleeves to provide maximum sun protection, but it’s lightweight so you won’t feel overheated. Plus, it dries far more quickly than any cotton sweatshirt ever could.

Can UPF 50 Clothing Be Worn While Hiking?

Absolutely. The next time you feel like hitting the trail, take a pair of Lands’ End high-waisted UPF 50 shorts along and leave your old hiking shorts behind. Our swim tee paired with swim shorts are the best hiking outfit. Both provide UPF 50 protection and have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation for their ability to protect all covered areas. Plus, they wick moisture to keep you cooler when temps rise. Our Active Collection, which includes a great variety of comfy pants and stylish tees, also provides UPF 50 protection. Our designers developed our UPF 50 collection to withstand every adventure. UPF 50 clothing provides excellent sun protection while you swim, bike, hike, or do anything in between. Unlike ordinary hiking shorts, our UPF 50 clothing is made with our UPF 50 protection fabric, making them go-anywhere-do anything clothing. Each piece of the UPF 50 collection is surprisingly durable, lightweight, and breathable. You’ll love how smooth UPF 50 fabric feels against your skin as you move. To take sun protection a step further, our UPF 50 fabric is even infused with moisture-wicking and quick-dry performance features. So, every stylish piece found in the Lands’ End UPF 50 protection collection is engineered to keep you cool and comfortable, while you stay looking polished.

Should UPF 50 Clothing Be Worn Every Day?

For most people, the answer is yes. The sun’s harmful UV rays can damage your skin even if the majority of the sun exposure you experience is filtered through a windowpane. Luckily, Lands’ End UPF 50 clothing comes in a wide variety of styles and colors you’ll love to wear every day. From head to toe, we’ve got you covered. Our UPF 50 swim pants, leggings, skorts, and shorts have been thoughtfully designed to pair perfectly with our UPF 50 tunics, tees, and dresses. Making the switch from average clothing to UPF 50 clothing is as easy as click, click, buy. This is because we have the most amazing style experts working diligently behind the scenes to ensure our UPF 50 clothing is as comfortable as it is flattering. From morning walks to weekend getaways, the pieces found in our UPF 50 protection collection are the perfect staples for all of life’s little adventures. Now that you know what UPF 50 clothing is all about, isn’t it about time you give your style a sun smart refresh?


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