Why You Need Swimwear with Lycra XLife

Why You Need Swimwear with Lycra XLife

Think of all the clothes that you buy, and then ask yourself, “Which type of clothing do I subject to the harshest environment?” Considering what chlorine and sun exposure can do, it’s most likely your swimsuit. And if your swimsuit isn’t made of the right material, it might not even be able to last through the summer. When you invest in a swimsuit, you expect it to stay looking as good as it did the first day you bought it. Knowing what to look for on the label will help ensure you make the right choice when shopping for one. If Lycra XLife is on the label, you’ll know you found a swimsuit that will last. Read on to discover how Lycra XLife solves some common swimwear concerns.

What Makes Lycra XLife Special?

Lycra XLife is a patented type of Spandex that improves the durability of swimsuits. Essentially, this material helps swimwear battle fiber breakage that can occur from chlorine and sun exposure over time. In fact, swimsuits made with Lycra XLife are 10 times stronger than swimsuits made with unprotected fabric.

Lycra XLife Is Durable

Anything abrasive, even if it is just sand on the beach, will rub up against your swimsuit and cause it to pill, thin out, and stretch over time. For example, if you’re paddleboarding and repeatedly standing up and sitting down, you may be constantly brushing up against your board with the front of the suit as well as the bottoms. If you’re kayaking, you may have to carry the kayak into and out of the water, all while it’s brushing up against your suit. Even if you’re simply sitting on the side of a pool and dipping your feet in, your suit may be sat upon abrasive cement or other material. Since a swimsuit made with Lycra XLife is 10 times more durable than the typical swimsuit, you can worry less about needing to replace your favorite swim tops, bottoms, or one-piece swimsuit.

Lycra XLife Solves the Problem of the Slippery Strap

The straps of your swimsuit have a very important job considering how dainty and delicate they may look. They have to keep everything in place, but without digging into your skin and causing any discomfort. It leaves swimwear designers with the choice of designing a swimsuit that looks good, designing a swimsuit that is supportive or designing a swimsuit that does both.

When they decide to make a suit that does both, they’re making the right decision. But without Lycra XLife, there’s no guarantee that the swimsuit straps will avoid stretching too much. And with a swim top that has stretchy straps, your neckline might be much lower than it was when you first bought it. Additionally, you might find that it slips down your shoulders, causing you to spend more time fixing your straps than enjoying the water. Lycra XLife bounces back into shape right away, so you don’t have to worry as much about needing to adjust your strap.

Lycra XLife Keeps Its Color

Unprotected fabric will likely fade over time, meaning you’ll be stuck with a swimsuit that doesn’t look quite like it did when you bought it. There are several reasons why it might fade. First, whenever you wash any unprotected garment, you risk the fact that the color will lose its vibrance over time. Second, the chlorine in most pools isn’t friendly to colored fabric. The third threat is sunlight. Think about the damage the sun can do to your skin. Combined with the frequent washing and the chlorine, the sun can certainly fade your once-colorful swimsuit or women’s rashguard, making it look like a dull version of its original self. Lycra XLife can maintain color longer, making your investment last.

Lycra XLife Doesn’t Expose More Than It Should

If you’ve ever owned a swimsuit that seems to become thinner and thinner over time, you know how dangerous it can be to continue to wear it. You might habitually put it on and not even realize that it is a little too revealing since it somehow became a bit see-through. It’s only natural for unprotected fabric to wear down and lose its ability to recover as it should. But the way that Lycra XLife is made means it is more resistant to the stress that normal wear can impose on a swimsuit. Choosing a swimsuit made with Lycra XLife ensures you can wear it 10 times longer than you’d be able to wear a typical swimsuit.

Lycra XLife Doesn’t Weigh You Down

Sometimes the most supportive fabric is also the heaviest. And when you’re looking for supportive swimwear, you certainly don’t want it to weigh you down underwater. If you’re looking for performance swimwear, whether it be a one-piece, tankini, or bikini bathing suit, you can rest assured that it will let you will feel one with the water instead of feeling like your suit is pinning you against it.

Once you experience the benefits of Lycra XLife, you’ll never want to wear any other type of swimwear.

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