Why You Need a Nightgown

Why You Need a Nightgown

Nightgowns aren’t just for our dear grandmas anymore. They’re back and with a passion for fashion. They’re like your comfiest dress but for the most casual of situations: when you’re relaxed and getting ready for bed. Plus, as a dress, the nightgown offers way more versatility. You can throw on some leggings if you’re chilly, or some great boot-length fuzzy socks, or maybe even a long cardigan for a more put-together look.

The best part of all of our lounge dresses is that they come in a variety of lengths, patterns, and fabrics so you can keep several in your dresser drawer for different seasons and holidays. When the cold weather hits — like right now — you can upgrade to a flannel nightgown in tons of cute plaids, and when the spring breaks the frost, it’s back to cotton and pastel stripes and gorgeous florals. Read on for more reasons to wear our fabulous nightgowns.

Fashion Forward

The nightgown is the classiest of our women’s loungewear. They’re built with nice, flattering lines and soft fabrics that do all the work of a dress—and even look like one too. Our silky Supima cotton nightdress with long sleeves and a knee-length hem has a lovely scoop neckline. There are solid colors like deep-sea navy and black for a more straightforward look but don’t be afraid to check out the hunter’s star quilt in frosty white or the Baltic teal tapestry floral for something more akin to a traditional floral nightgown but modernized for the modern you!

The Supima cotton also is available in a short sleeve and mid-calf hem if you’re someone who likes their arms free but needs a bit more coverage on the bottom. There’s a fun coastal holiday print if you love the seaside and more traditional holiday options like bold red greetings like “NOEL” on a creamy ivory background. Supima cotton is one of our favorite fabrics for daytime wear, so why not transition it to nighttime, too.

A Dress for Downtime

Everything you love about dresses—their casual style, the possibility to dress up or down—is just as true during the day as it is when the evening sets in and you’re in for the night. A dress can be made fun and funky with a pair of combat boots and mid-calf socks, so why not try out the at-home version. Grab a pair of the fuzziest socks in charming prints like a deep-sea navy snowflake or silly kitty cats and coordinate them with your lounge dress. Socks are great when you want your legs to have the ease of movement a nightgown provides, but when you also want to keep your feet comfy, too. You can coordinate the print or color of your lounge dress and the socks too. It makes for a second outfit of the day to get excited about after you take of your workwear.

Our long-sleeve cotton poplin nightshirt has an especially classy vibe in the ivory ditsy flowers or deep-sea navy gingham. It brings a bit of an elevated look to your loungewear which you can still make feel “at home” with cozy socks and your favorite cashmere throw blanket.

Fabrics for Every Season

As the colder seasons are upon us, our flannel nightgowns are available to keep you warm in loads of adorable prints. We recommend the classic black and white buffalo check to start off the chilly season and then stock your closet with the multi-color plaids in mesa rose and rich red before finishing off your collection with a whimsical holiday print in festive dogs and cats.

If cozy wool or microfiber socks aren’t your bag, then pair your nightgown with some leggings starfish knit mid-rise leggings are great under a nightgown because they’re flexible and lightweight. Made with jersey cotton they are breathable and provide the right amount of support without forgoing any stretch factor. Plus, when you’re rocking a nightgown-leggings duo you can grab the morning paper or take out the recycling without fear of looking like you’re not put together. It’s the evening outfit that masquerades as a cute dress and tights but secretly does everything it can to lull you to sleep.

Flannel Friends

Another way to “dress up” your nightgown for when you’re not quite ready for bed but want to start to settle down is to pair it with one of our flannel shirts. If you’ve gone for a solid color lounge dress in navy or black, up the fun factor by grabbing your favorite Fairisle or buffalo check flannel shirt to act as another layer of coziness before brushing your teeth and heading off to dreamland.

Try out an oversized flannel shirt to keep everything feeling roomy and lounge-like. You could even tie the shirt at your waist if you’re feeling a more “polished” vibe while you catch up on your favorite show. Plus, any flannel shirts that you use at night are reusable during the day at work or on your weekend errands.

The nightgown is here to stay. It’s your best nighttime friend that makes you feel like you’ve put together an outfit that’s just for you to enjoy.


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