Christmas Sweater

Why you need a Christmas sweater

There are needs we have when it comes to the holidays and many are based on the traditions we have in place from years prior. You have the tree, the lights are strung up, gift shopping is nearing its endless end, and then you forget to take the pie out of the oven so now there’s that extra trip back to the grocery store. “Am I forgetting anything else? Something essential?” It looks like there’s one tradition you’re forgetting: Christmas Sweaters.

It’s one of those styles that you can wear again and again. You can repeat outfits and it’s not as much of a crime as it is when you show up to work in the same outfit you wore last week. Sure, you could overdo it, but if you mix it up a bit your Christmas sweater will act like a master key to all those holiday outfits.

You never know if you’re going to be invited to a sweater holiday party last minute. And if you’re the only one who shows up in plainclothes, well then you’re that person. That’s like showing up to an interview in a hoodie. Everybody will notice and you will be excluded from the harmony of all those other fun sweaters. Look, you’re on your phone looking up “funny excuses for not wearing the right outfit to a themed party.”

While it may not be as bad as that worst case scenario, there’s a unifying spirit when you’re able to get all your friends together for one last hurrah before the family pours in for the holidays like a cement truck. Take a throwback photo with everybody all dressed up in their Christmas sweaters, continue doing this for forty years, and then make a flip book of all of you aging into your retired years. It’s a huge coordinated effort but we believe in you and it sounds like a really great idea.

Or look at this scenario: You just got married, you’re thrilled to start your new life. The honeymoon leaves you in a state of tranquil wonder, you get home and you start this grand beginning. The holidays come a-knockin’ and soon the event invitation for “The Coldest Bonfire & A Christmas Sweater Party” dances in front of you. You’re excited, it’ll be a great time. You tell your spouse how much fun it will be, all those people you both haven’t seen in ages. Match or mismatch your Christmas sweater with your spouse’s. Make it a yearly tradition. Soon, when you add a little stocking for the newborn to the mantel, you have a new addition to the sweater tradition. These Christmas sweaters are well-knit for a well-knit family.

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