Why We Love the Wrap Dress for Summer

Why We Love the Wrap Dress for Summer

We really love the wrap dress anytime, but the reason summer is particularly special for this dress is that the heat lets us leave behind the outerwear the colder months require and allows the wrap dress to shine on its own. And boy, does it shine!

Before we go into why wrap dresses are so wonderful, let's first identify what a wrap dress is. Wrap dresses are defined by the longer kimono-style sides crossed (or wrapped) in the front. While these pieces are generally sewn in place, wrap dresses also often feature a tie at the waist. The skirt then drops into an A-line shape that typically ends around the knee. This wrap design creates a nice V-neck neckline on top, and it can have sleeves of any length or be sleeveless. Great! Now that we have a visual let's see why wrap dresses are so great—especially for summer.


Summer wrap dresses are usually made of lighter flowing material, including cotton, chiffon, silk, and other light fabrics that skim the body. When paired with an A-line skirt that is loose enough to float on the breeze, you get a cooling effect that is excellent for hot summer days. Even the wrap dresses in stiffer fabrics, which we occasionally want for a stronger "A" shape, there is still enough space for the wind to do its work. Additionally, while you can get a wrap dress with long sleeves, summer wrap dresses come with shorter, more relaxed sleeves to allow further airflow. Not only does this dress work well for the warmer seasons, but for the colder seasons, you can just add a jacket or blazer over the top, maybe some tights underneath, and you are ready to go.


The V-neck of the wrap dress helps you in several ways. First, the "V" shape lengthens you by drawing the eye along your vertical line. Since the eye is going up and down, it creates the optical impression of length. This visually elongates both your upper chest and your neck, an effect that benefits basically everyone. Second, the "V" spotlights the right parts of your body. Since the shape ends in a point located at (or at least leading toward) your cleavage, it enhances your bust. To take real advantage of this effect, choose a wrap dress with a plunging neckline. On the top side of the shape, the outer points of the "V" pretty nearly frame your face--or they should if the dress fits you well. This pulls attention to your face, which is also where you want the eye to focus. Last, it exposes your chest, so you are less covered, which again is much appreciated in the summertime.


Going beyond the neckline, the rest of the wrap dress works to create a beautifully feminine silhouette. Not only does the V-neck highlight the right things in your top, but the angular shape also makes your waist look smaller than your shoulders. Added to this, the tie pulls the dress in at the waist, defining it and making it look even smaller. When combined with the V-neck, these features visually create the top half of a balanced hourglass shape.

For the bottom half, the A-line skirt does the work. The skirt smooths over the hips and flares at the bottom into that "A" shape. The A-line dress is a fabulous design because it can benefit you if you have large hips or if you have small hips. For those with larger hips, the lighter fabric has already flowed over the widest part of you. The flare at the bottom draws the eye down past that part of you which, especially if combined with slimming darker colors, makes the eye overlook that area almost completely. For those with smaller hips, you may want your skirt in a stiff material so that it can hold its "A" shape even without much hip to support it. In this case, the shape draws the eye out, creating a widening effect that will even out your proportions. Finally, the bottom of the skirt is clearly wider than your legs, making them look thinner by comparison--overall, an excellent impression.


It's nearly impossible to go wrong with a wrap dress. It just looks so stylish. It is appropriate for all ages, and it works in basically any scenario with just a few tweaks. You can dress it down with sandals or sneakers, and a jean jacket dress it up with heels and a blazer or wear it by itself barefoot at the beach. And, because the hourglass silhouette it makes looks so good, you don't have to worry so much about using coloring or patterns solely to help you out. This gives you the freedom to play with colors, patterns, florals, and more in ways you might not be able to with other dresses. Since you can, go do it! Have a great time choosing and wearing your next summer wrap dress!


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