Top Reasons To Love the Classic Christmas Sweater

Top Reasons To Love the Classic Christmas Sweater

Most Christmas sweaters you'll find aren't exactly made to win beauty contests. But then again, that's part of why everyone loves them so much. These happy Christmas sweaters allow us to have fun and not take ourselves so seriously—something that is especially appreciated during one of the most stressful times of the year. And there's nothing like a themed Christmas party to help you feel connected with the family and friends you haven't seen enough of this past year.

At Lands' End, we don't think Christmas sweaters need to be gaudy to be fun, and we definitely don't think they need to blink and jingle to get you noticed at Christmas sweater parties. Look for our whimsical graphics knit on soft Supima® cotton long-sleeve Christmas sweaters or a smooth cotton sweater with three-quarter sleeves—they'll help you get in the holiday spirit: fun, happy, and in-the-moment festive. And if you live in a warmer climate, our Christmas T-Shirts are just as festive as our sweaters (without being quite so toasty).

We have plenty of options for what you can wear this holiday season, from women's turtleneck sweaters to cable knit sweaters, but you might still wonder why exactly you should wear sweaters for Christmas. There are many reasons you may gravitate towards this classic holiday look, but here are our top reason to love the classic Christmas sweater.

You'll Love the Material

If you want warmth, go for a wool sweater. It doesn't have to be a 100% wool sweater. Go for a wool blend instead. You don't have to worry about the itchy feeling with any of our wool blend sweaters, or any of our wool sweaters, really. That's because our wool is high-quality at an affordable price. Spoiler: That's what makes cheaper wool sweaters so itchy because the material isn't high-quality. Not to mention that you'll be warm this Christmas without feeling too bulky or without any of these gimmicky designs on them. Stick to classic, heritage-inspired designs if you're looking for sweaters that you can wear even when it's not the holiday season.

You Have So Many Fun Colors To Choose From

You can buy a sweater in every color of the rainbow to wear every day of the week if you want. Add a splash of color to your wardrobe with a bold red, or have that effortlessly chic look in a black cashmere turtleneck. Feel like royalty in a sophisticated purple. Relax in a blue sweater that looks like the ocean.

Your Sweaters Are a Closet Staple

Sweaters are versatile closet staples that come in different fabrics and blends so that you can wear them all year long. For a classic look that you can wear throughout the holiday season and even after Christmas, opt for a cotton sweater. Cotton is an ideal fabric for when you want to keep warm without overheating. That's because cotton is a breathable fabric, so it will keep you warm during the winter yet keep you cool when you sweat during the summer.

You Can Choose the Perfect Fit for You

Don't let the sweater wear you. That's what happens when we let cheesy Christmas sweaters take over instead of us being the ones to wear that sweater confidently. You'll want your sweater to be roomy enough for layering but just tight enough, so it doesn't look like you're swimming in your oversized pullover. Try a high-quality cotton and nylon blend sweater for that perfect mix of comfy cotton and stretchy nylon. He'll look great in his Christmas sweater with a men's button-down oxford underneath.

You'll Wear Your Sweater All Year Long

You'll be wearing your sweater throughout the holiday season. You can wear it to your office Christmas party. You can wear it to that friend's holiday dinner party that you see once every two years. Our Christmas sweaters are ones that you can wear even when it's not Christmas. You can look like you've been hitting the slopes all year long in a cable waffle crewneck sweater.

They're Not Your Grandma's Sweaters

Give Nana's sweaters an upgrade by styling your Christmas sweater with a modern twist. The sweater and women's jeans combination is a solid classic, but you can break the rules by pairing a colorful sweater and wearing white jeans for that eye-catching contrast. Go for rich winter jewel colors like a deep ruby red or evergreen with dark wash jeans. Add a statement necklace to add just the right amount of polish. Or if you can't help but go for the cheesy, then go for Christmas-themed jewelry with reindeer and snowmen.

As much as we love Grandma's homemade knit sweaters, you can tell her to put down her crochet kit this year. Don't be that person that refuses to join in on the fun. Shop for festive and tasteful Christmas sweaters you'll love wearing this holiday season.


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