4 Reasons Why We Love Pastels for Big & Tall Men

4 Reasons Why We Love Pastels for Big & Tall Men

If you’re a man who wears big and tall sizes, or if you have a man in your life who wears big and tall sizes, then this read is for you. Some men are already getting on the bright color and pastel trend, which we absolutely love to see (you’ll learn why below), but many are hesitant to branch out of the world of neutral clothing. Whether you’re a man who already loves rocking pastels and wants some inspiration for upgrading your wardrobe with more of these fun colors, you’re someone who wants to incorporate more pastels and colorful clothing into your rotation, or you’re someone who wants to see your big and tall man in more pastels, there are plenty of reasons to explore these fresh looks. Read on for a look at just a few of the reasons why we love pastels for big and tall men.

They Add a Vibrant Pop to Any Look

We love to see pastels on big and tall men because they add a subtle vibrant pop to any outfit for any occasion. While true bright like lime green and hot pink can also look great on big and tall men, pastels offer that perfect middle ground of adding color to a look without being too loud or clashing with any existing staple clothing pieces. Because these hues are so versatile, adding a pastel shirt or bottoms can be a fun way to look great for any occasion. Think about your go-to outfit for that upcoming birthday party. Instead of a standard neutral, black, or white tee, opt for a big and tall t-shirt and simply pair it with your favorite pair of blue denim jeans, black jeans, or khaki pants.

A tee in a shade like pastel blue or mint green will have you feeling properly dressed for a celebratory occasion while still feeling just as comfortable as you would in any other color. Plus, a pastel tee looks great when layered under a denim jacket, so you can easily look cool with that pop of color.

They Make a Subtle Statement

It’s essential to have a few statement pieces in your wardrobe. How we dress can be an expression of who we are and a way to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to refresh your closet with a few new pieces, pastels can be the perfect way to make your go-to outfits feel expressive and fresh. Start incorporating pastels with styles you’d already wear, like big and tall men’s V-neck sweaters.

If a comfortable, cotton V-neck sweater is already speaking your language, then go a little bolder with a fun pastel color like washed pink or pastel yellow. And if you’re more of a crewneck kind of guy, choose a pastel color in that style. Adding some spring colors to your regular outfit rotation can be an easy way to make a subtle statement with your look. Now just sit back and wait for the compliments to come in.

They Look Great With Any Bottoms

Pastels are so great to work with because they look amazing on big and tall men with any bottoms. As mentioned earlier, a pastel tee pairs perfectly with classic denim jeans, black jeans, or khaki slacks. Pastel tees, short- or long-sleeve button-ups, or sweaters also look great with big and tall shorts or big and tall jeans paired with easy-going sneakers or loafers.

As a general rule of thumb, pastel tops look best with bottoms in slightly darker shades. So, opt for dark wash denim or dark blue khaki shorts or pants. That said, pastels are so versatile you can rock them with anything that makes you feel comfortable. For a slightly bolder vibe, pair your pastel top with print bottoms, and for a more classic light-on-light look, simply pair your pastel tee or sweater with classic beige khakis. If you want to go all out, you can also pair a pastel top with pastel bottoms, as long as the colors themselves are complementary.

They Make It Feel Like Spring All Year

It’s no secret that spring is the best season. The snow is melting, the sun is finally out, and invitations to backyard BBQs are starting to line up. Spring is also amazing because while it’s starting to warm up, it’s not too hot yet, meaning it’s actually comfortable to hang out outside and bask in the weather. Pastels are very much associated with spring, from being classic Easter colors to simply expressing the colors that bloom in this season. Refreshing your wardrobe with pastel colors can be a great way to spring into the spring season, but they can also be a fun reminder of this perfect time of year all year long. Feeling down about a gray winter day? Throw on a pastel sweater to bring a little more joy to your own look and to spread that joy around. You can effortlessly work pastels into any seasonal outfit rotation, from your jeans and light jacket in fall to your black slacks and down coat in winter. People will appreciate it, trust us!

We’ve just barely scratched the surface of why we love seeing pastels on big and tall men. There are so many reasons to re-energize yourself and your closet with these fun yet subtle hues. You’re going to look great!


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