Why we love fleece clothes

Why I Love My Fleece Jacket

It’s hard not to love a fleece jacket, especially one from Lands’ End. Whether women’s, men’s, or kids’ fleece jackets, the fact that they’re incredibly soft and offer a lot of warmth for such a lightweight fabric makes them a fan favorite. Fleece jackets are also incredibly versatile since you can wear them under a jacket for added warmth or wear them on their own. There are loads of reasons to love your fleece jacket, but you need to treat yourself to one to see for yourself. Read on for all you need to know about fleece jackets and see why so many people love them as well.

What Is a Fleece Jacket?

A fleece jacket is basically a jacket that’s made from polyester fibers. Those fibers are made by heating different substances, forming a syrupy liquid. Once that liquid hardens, it’s spun to create threads that are then woven into clothing. Due to its unique structure, fleece is breathable and lightweight, yet also very warm and soft.

Best Season for Fleece Jackets

People wear fleece jackets all year round. During summertime, fleece is great for chilly nights. During wintertime, it’s great for wearing around the house as a women’s sweater, or for wearing underneath a regular coat. In the spring, put on a hip-length fleece coat when taking the dog for a walk; add a hat and gloves when you feel chilly. If you live somewhere with mild winters and don’t need a parka, a fall fleece might do the trick.

Choosing Between a Fleece Jacket and a Fleece Vest

When it comes to deciding between a fleece vest or jacket, one isn’t really better than the other – they each serve a purpose. A vest is a good layering piece; you can wear one under a winter coat when it’s freezing outside, and you need to trap extra body heat. They’re also nice for putting on over a turtleneck or long-sleeve tee when you want to keep your core toasty. A jacket is preferable when you require more coverage. Try one that reaches down to your hips and has a collar that zips up to your chin to stay extra warm.

Fleece Jacket Styling Tips

Though a fleece is usually considered casual wear, it can also be stylish. Try one with an embossed floral pattern or a hip animal print — fun prints and patterns are both in style right now. For a more dressy feel than fun, try a longer fleece with pockets and a well-defined collar. Take things up a notch by adding winter accessories like a scarf and leather gloves. There aren’t any specific rules — just wear fleece in place of a sweater for a smartened-up casual look that feels like a warm hug.

How to Clean a Fleece Jacket

Because of its softness factor and how it’s made, lots of people wonder how to wash polyester fleece. Following a few basic guidelines can keep it looking brand new. While you should always check the directions on the tag, fleece can generally go in the washing machine in a cool setting with similarly colored items. Do not use bleach.

Wondering how to keep your fleece jacket nice and soft? Wash it inside-out, and never use fabric softener. You might want to rinse fleece items twice to wash away any detergent residue, whether it’s a fleece jacket, vest, pajamas, or a fleece blanket.

You’ll also want to know how to dry your fleece jacket. Check the label first. If it says you can tumble dry it, do so on a no-heat setting since heat can damage the fibers. Otherwise, it’s best to let your fleece jacket air dry. It doesn’t take long!

To Iron or Not to Iron Your Fleece Jacket

Remember that heat can damage fleece, so it’s best not to iron your fleece jacket, or you’ll risk damaging the fabric. It typically doesn’t crease anyway. But if it’s been folded for a long time or you have creases that you need to get out in a hurry, consider using a wrinkle-releasing spray or blasting it with steam from your iron. Otherwise, use the iron on a low setting and consider adding a thin layer, like a dishcloth, over your fleece to protect it.

Once you have a fleece jacket of your own, you’ll see why so many people love them so much. And with Lands’ End fleece available in so many different colors and styles, there’s an affordable fleece for everyone in the family.

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