5 Reasons Why UPF Clothes Are Your Sun Day Best

5 Reasons Why UPF Clothes Are Your Sun Day Best

Have you ever gone outside, forgotten sunblock, then a day later you can’t help but notice ... did you just take your clothes out of the dryer? It’s so hot. That’s not possible though…then you look in the mirror and you realize that you look like a lobster. Oof ... what a sunburn.

That can’t be good.

Let’s take care of our skin this go around. One of the best ways to be sun smart is to wear UPF 50 sun protecting clothing. Sometimes we forget about sunblock. We’re human. Imagine if you could slip on your sunscreen by just putting on UPF clothing.

UPF 50 clothing will literally have your back, anywhere under the sun. Here are five reasons UPF 50 sun protection should be a part of your everyday summer sunshine fun.

UPF 50 Loves to Cruise Around the Lake

You’re the kind of person who likes to just drive the boat around the lake. You’ll leave the waterskiing and tubing to the kids. It’s one thing if you’re out and about before midday – maybe you find yourself a nice shady inlet and cast a line during those calm, quiet mornings.

Then as the sun starts to beat down, you’re wishing you didn’t have to head back to the dock for a change of clothes and a new layer of sunblock before entering the second act of your peaceful day at the lake.

Layer up! There are long sleeve UPF 50 shirts and sweatshirts that can keep you warm in the morning. And when it warms up you can de-layer to your short sleeve getup. We talk about layers because we love layers. And when you’re layering up in UPF gear to stay protected from the sun all day, that’s a win-win.

What’s 3 Letters and is Essential for the Best Summer Burgers? UPF and BBQ.

Grilling is a perfect pastime. The only thing that comes close to it is a fresh cut lawn and a new haircut. Add them all together and your happy meter is filled. Don’t think about that meeting. Nope. You’re the grill king.

Do all the dreaming you want but when you’re spending your best hours at the grill you definitely don’t want to get grilled by the sun. That’s why UPF clothing will make the whole experience that much better. When you knock the socks out of your presentation later that week, that deserved slap on the back will be a congratulations rather than a painful sunblock reminder.

Taking a UPF Stroll Around the Neighborhood

The sun likes to catch us in those moments when we’re thinking, “Oh, it’ll be a quick errand, I should be fine.” Your ten-minute dog walk turns into a 45-minute conversation with Karen and by that point you know you’ve caught some of those UV rays you thought you were dodging.

While we’re still perfecting UPF clothing for your pup, there’s plenty of options for you to get the most out of your wardrobe.

It may not protect you from Karen’s famous tangents, but it will protect you from those pesky sun rays.

Choosing the Patio with UPF Sun Protection in Mind

That new restaurant in town is relishing the summer look. When you go, you decide to sit outside on the patio. It always looks like a great idea until you realize the umbrellas are situated in such a way that they’re nearly ineffective. There’s an angle of sunshine beaming down on you and it has that distinct “this doesn’t seem good for my skin” feel. You try to move the umbrella around but the waitstaff and other patrons are taking notice and wondering if a strong gust of wind will whoosh you up into the sky like Mary Poppins.

How’s about we sit down and not worry about that umbrella too much?

The best part about UPF 50 clothing is that it doesn’t look or feel different from your other clothes. Polo shirts, chinos, shorts, button ups…you name it, there’s plenty of options!

Festivals and Flea Markets Call for UPF Protection

Sun hat. Check. Tote bag. Check. UPF clothes. Check.

When you’re at an all-day food festival or haggling deals at the local flea, you don’t want the sun to tell you when you’re all done. There are at least 12 more knick-knack stalls to get to! And the middle school rock band is still doing sound checks. So much more to see!

It’s annoying to be burnt out after an hour in the summer sun, so why not go into it prepared in your UPF clothing? After all, you’ve been waiting for summer all year and you’ll definitely want to enjoy as much of it as you possibly can!


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