Why Straight Leg Jeans Will Be in Style for Years to Come

Why Straight Leg Jeans will be in Style for Years to Come

With a wide variety of denim styles to choose from, picking the right fit and cut for your body and lifestyle is essential to a well-rounded wardrobe. Skinny jeans have come and gone, bell-bottoms keep dipping in and out, and there are so many other cuts and trends that have captured the hearts of women to fizzle out a few years later. Through the years, one jean style hasn’t gone very far, and that’s straight-leg jeans. For a while, considered the go-to mom jean, as style trends have continued to value comfort and simplicity over extreme cuts and shapes, straight leg jeans have emerged as a go-to jean for any woman and any personal style. Here are all the reasons we’re quite certain that these classic jeans are here to stay and will be in style for years to come.

They’re Practical

Not always do you get the benefit of a classic clothing item that is both stylish and practical. The straight-leg jean is the no-nonsense well-balanced jean that’s less tapered than the mom jean, less flared than bell-bottoms, and all-around sort of refreshingly regular. Practical for just about any activity, the silhouette drops straight from the thigh to hit the top of your shoe, making it a comfortable and practical choice for however you want to wear them. Great for walking, hiking, going out, styling for work, or hanging out at home. Straight-leg jeans are so simple and straightforwardly uncomplicated, you can wear them to do just about anything.

Imagine trying to go for a walk with dragging bell bottoms or, trying to pack the kids into the car with sagging and grabbing skinny jeans. Straight leg jeans give you the mobility, flexibility, and comfort to do what you need to do without worrying about your jeans.

They’re Comfortable

No one associates wearing jeans with comfort. But you’d be surprised at how comfortable a simple pair of straight-leg jeans can be. Loose enough to move around, fitted enough not to fall off, and cut well enough to make wearing them feel easy, straight-leg jeans are comfortable. If there are any reasons why we’re not going to say goodbye to straight-leg jeans anytime soon, it’s surely because they are just so comfortable. Easy to wear to dinner, while watching a movie, working from home, or running errands, you can take comfort in knowing you can do everything you like to do without feeling the tugging and squeeze of other cuts and styles of jeans. Wear with a simple white women’s t-shirt and enjoy a relaxed look to go with your comfortable feel.

They’re Versatile

The versatility of straight-leg jeans is another sound reason that we don’t expect them to go anywhere anytime soon. Easy to wear to, well, just about anywhere, the straight leg jean is probably the most versatile style of jean ever. Not as sassy as skinny jeans, nor as relaxed a boyfriend jeans, not as specific as flared or wide-legged jeans, and not as overly stylized as distressed jeans, straight leg jeans are so remarkably basic that they can go just about anywhere.

They’re Flattering

Could a jean possibly be versatile, comfortable, and flattering? This is another key reason why straight-legged jeans are here to stay. The simplicity and streamline of the cut offers a streamlined leg that is flattering to just about anyone. Choose from a variety of lengths and washes to find the hemline and color that is best for your personal style and body type. Straight leg jeans are more forgiving than their skinnier and tighter predecessors.

Arguably the most universally flattering, skimming over your hips and sitting straight, straight-legged jeans give you shape without squeezing or cutting anywhere. They give your ankles a little more space and the slim fit is neither baggy nor too tight. While most other styles of jeans generally only fit well certain body types, straight-legged jeans look good on just about anyone. This is why you can be sure that straight-legged jeans will be in style for years to come.

They’re Easy to Style

Just in case being universally flattering, versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear wasn’t enough reasons for this jean to stick around forever, straight-leg jeans are also amazingly easy to style. Because other styles and cuts of jeans are so distinct, they can actually be trickier to style. Pair an oversized knit with a pair of bell-bottoms, and it may be too specific. Wearing your favorite crop top or tee with a pair low rise skinny jeans could be too much of one vibe.

Enter your simple pair of reliable and trustworthy straight-legged jeans and whether you wear with an oversized women’s sweater or your cutest cropped tops without making too much of an overkill statement. Easy to style, effortless to wear, and the best go-to jeans around, it’s really hard to go wrong with straight-legged jeans.

Versatile, flattering, comfortable, and easy to style, we’re quite certain this all-in-one straight leg jean style isn’t going anywhere for years to come.


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