Christmas Decoration Competitions and Why Your Family Should Participate

Christmas Decoration Competitions and Why Your Family Should Participate

Holiday light displays are one of the best parts of Christmas — they’re fun, magical, and get everyone in the holiday spirit. As you drive around this season, homes in your neighborhood may go all-out with festive Christmas décor. Christmas-specific attractions (like museums and historic homes) are also bedecked for the season with lights and ornaments.

Everyone loves Christmas light displays, and that’s no secret. So much, so organizations and neighborhood groups host Christmas decoration competitions every year, and there’s probably one in your area that you can sign up for, too! Most of the time, they’re free to join or pay a small fee. They’re a great way to encourage towns and neighborhoods to get in on the decorating fun — and the intricate decoration displays give people a reason to visit the town during the holiday season.

Here’s why to sign up for a Christmas decoration competition this winter and how to make your home shine from the rest.

It’s a Fun Family Bonding Activity

It can be hard to find family time in this busy and digitally-driven world, even more so during this season. Holiday decorating, though, is one way to get in nice family time while also celebrating the reason for the season — love and family! How’s that for a festive spirit?

Even if you are not a competitive person and don’t care if you win, family bonding time is reason enough to sign up for a Christmas decoration competition. Enhance your team spirit by having your family members dress in their Christmas pajamas as they decorate — just be sure everyone wears a warm jacket on top while they're decorating outdoors!

It Will Put You in the Holiday Mood

One way to get into the holiday spirit is by participating in one of your area’s Christmas decorating competitions. There’s no way you won’t feel merry as you’re stringing Christmas lights, putting out light-up candy canes, and decorating your yard with smile-inducing decor. You’re sure to be happy to have a festively decorated home on the block and to go home to such a festive space every night of December.

Participating in one of these competitions will put you in the spirit alongside the Christmas music, hot cocoa, and curling up with some throw blankets and your favorite holiday film.

It's a Fun Way To Celebrate Your Neighborhood

Local Christmas decorating competitions are generally concentrated around a specific area—your town, your neighborhood, or your school district—and are a nice way to celebrate the place where you live. By decorating your home, you're also celebrating your neighborhood and all it gives all year round. On top of that, you're also making your area more aesthetically pleasing by creating a home with lots of seasonal decor. Also, these competitions are a great way to celebrate the season with fellow town members, too.

It Makes For a Good Photo Opp

Even if you don’t win your local competition, you can still use your new festive home as a backdrop for a Christmas card or a nice seasonal family photo. Dress your family in Christmas sweaters for an extra festive Christmas look and have everyone pose in front of your decorated masterpiece. Or, for someone more understated, put your family in cozy flannel shirts. You can even let your friends and extended family members stop by to get their annual photo — and if you’re feeling extra festive, you can greet them with hot cocoa and fresh-baked cookies as they pose.

Winning Tip: Find a Festive Theme

Come up with a theme for your home to help yourself win these upcoming Christmas decorating competitions. This way, you'll have a focus when getting your decorations, and your home will have an intentional look once you’re done decorating. You can go with a candy cane theme, a snowflake theme, a classic Santa and elves theme, or whatever you please! Not only will this help your home look cute, but it will make it easier to pick out the holiday decor for your home — because picking out Christmas decor can certainly be overwhelming. On top of that, you’re bound to win some awards at any upcoming Christmas decoration competitions, too.

If you haven’t participated in a Christmas décor competition, and even if you have, now’s the time to sign up for this year. By participating in these competitions, you’ll be instantly in the festive spirit, and you’ll be ready to spread cheer to everyone around you. Plus, it’ll create nice memories for your family and maybe even start a new holiday tradition.


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