Why Mom Will Love a New Bed Sheet Set This Year

Why Mom Will Love a New Bed Sheet Set This Year

A quality bed sheet set is essential for a good night of sleep. Additionally, stylish bedding can elevate the look of one’s bedroom. If your mom loves a good night’s sleep or a beautifully coordinated, decorated bedroom, you should consider giving her a new stylish update to her current bedding.

You have plenty of choices when purchasing a new set—from a range of prints, shades, and patterns to the right fabric type for her skin. Keep in mind the season, too. There are pillowcases and bed sheets that are better for hot weather, others for winter, and some “unicorn” options offer optimal comfort, no matter the time of the year! Carefully research your bedding fabric and style options and choose the best one for your mom’s needs. She’ll be sleeping better (and more stylishly) in no time!

A Stylish Bed Sheet Set Will Elevate Her Bedroom’s Look

The right bedding can really elevate your mom’s bedroom. First off, does she love solid shades more than patterns and prints? The right solid colors lend to an overall elegant, Zen-like, or relaxing bedroom look (think white or tan) or add a pop of color (such as red or another bright shade). Patterned bedding, however, can add an accent to her bed or room when paired with additional layers of solid sheets and pillows. You have plenty of options when picking out a chic print or pattern your mom will love, such as floral, nautical stripes, and paisley. If mom really wants to show off a ton of personality, go bold with lively or quirky prints and patterns, such as tropical, polka dots, plaid, or even a cow print!

Your mom will know how to mix and match her bedding with whatever set you choose. She’ll be able to unify the colors featured in her bedding and throughout the bedroom to pull everything together. Plus, she can always add throw pillows, quilts, or colorful fleece blankets to add to the overall look.

The Right Bed Sheet Set Will Keep Her Comfortable

What’s better than slipping into comfy pajamas? Slipping into comfy PJs then sliding underneath supple bedding! Oh-so-comfy sheets are just as vital as stylish ones, so you will want to purchase bedding your mom would want to stay under all day long! There are key factors to consider when purchasing comfortable bedding since everyone has different needs.

Look out for a sheet’s thread count. A thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Many people may assume that a higher thread count means better quality, but that is not necessarily the case. The best range for quality sheets based on thread count is 300-500. Fiber and construction matter more than thread count, so a thread count above 500 does not necessarily make bedding better. Therefore, keep the bedding’s thread count in mind while still seeking out quality material.

If your mom gets overheated fast at night or if you are purchasing bedding for the summer, some materials will allow her to self-regulate her temperature. Synthetic materials, for example, trap heat, which may cause her to get too hot while trying to fall asleep, leading to restlessness. On the other hand, pima cotton and Egyptian cotton, are wonderful fabric choices for a good night’s sleep. The fabric’s finish matters, too. A sateen finish is very plush, and a moisture-wicking finish can keep one cool. However, for colder seasons or locations, there are other fabrics to consider. Jersey or flannel sheets are perfect for a cool winter night.

Additionally, if your mom has sensitive skin or eczema, the bedding’s fabric is vital. Look for lightweight, smooth, and breathable fabric that will keep her from scratching and restlessness all night long. Lightweight organic cotton sheets and pillowcases that have not been treated with chemicals and dyes will not irritate your mom. Silk bedding can be pricey and can require special care, but it is worth the investment to prevent skin irritation. The natural fabric feels supple against the skin and is a good thermoregulator that keeps you warm in cold weather yet cool in hot conditions. Finally, bamboo (also a natural material) has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic properties. For moms with sensitive skin, avoid bedding made of polyester, wool, flannel, and fleece.

A Personalized Bed Sheet Set Will Make Her Feel Special

Want to know an easy way to let your mom know how much she means to you? Give her a personalized bed sheet set featuring her full name or initials. That personalized touch on monogrammed bedding can really make your mom’s sacred space feel like her place to escape (especially when paired with monogrammed slippers or throw pillows). Whether she loves solid shades or bedding featuring prints and patterns, consider adding that finishing touch!

Bedding can make or break one’s sleep experience. However, the right bedding can make your mom feel special while still keeping her comfortable all night long. Choose stylish—yet cozy—sheets and pillowcases for your mom for her to enjoy each time she relaxes in her bed! Add in a cozy women's robe and slippers to make her nighttime routine even better!


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