Why You're Missing Out if You Don't Have Flannel Sheets

Why You're Missing Out if You Don't Have Flannel Sheets

Delightfully brisk breezes and the essence of hot apple cider are everywhere. The season of corn mazes, hayrides, and flannel sheets has begun! A shift in seasons heralds a natural desire to switch out your bedding. Say goodbye to lightweight linens as you seek warmer pastures. Now, you crave the buttery-smooth yet toasty feel of flannel. Made of super-soft cotton, our flannel sheets come in many styles and colors to suit your fall and winter fancy. Because we love them so much, we want to tell you why you'll be missing out if you don't snag yourself a set.

You're Cheating Yourself Out of Cozier Nights

When you spend one-third of your life in bed, why not make it comfortable? Do you really want to waste this precious time laying on itchy sheets? By passing on high-quality flannel sheets, you miss out on the extra layer of warmth that supports you underneath. Cozy comforters can surely lock in heat above you, but flannel sheets seal the deal by keeping you warm all around. If you want cozier nights, it's time to tuck those beach-themed sets away and embrace the seasonal satisfaction of flannel.

We Think You'll Sleep Better

If you're staying warm and sleeping on sheets that are smooth and snug, a logical result is better sleep. While other sheets contain synthetic elements that can irritate your skin, our flannel sheets have been tested by third parties and have been found to be free from harmful levels of 300-plus substances. If any sheets were made to set you up for the best night's sleep you've had in a while, these are the ones. They're also brushed to bring out a luxurious softness that can lull you to sleep soundly.

You'll Long for Sheets That Actually Fit

How many times have you woken up to "fitted" sheets that have unhinged from the corners of your bed? Wouldn't you like to spend less time making your bed and more time laying in it? Find sheets with The Sheet That Fits® feature, which has elastic all around it. There's no-nonsense grabbing power there! Flannel fitted sheets can also accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep. So, all you fans of memory foam mattresses can still enjoy sheets that stay on, and it won't take rocket science to put on the fitted sheet correctly. You can also find flat sheets are longer than standard products so you can tuck them in generously without sacrificing length.

You'll Wish for Personalized Sheets

Why wish when you can have? We're pretty crazy about monogrammed bedding here, because just a small personal touch makes your sheets unique. When you check out a set of sheets from our store, you have the option to select custom embroidery. Add a word, initials, letter, or image from one of our 128 available embroidery designs. This makes your set of flannel sheets literally your own. So, if you've been wanting pillowcases with your initials or have been dying to have a panda embroidered on the ends of your flat sheets, now is your chance to make your vision come to life.

Flannel sheets also come in so many colors and patterns. You’ll be able to match them to any color scheme you can think of! If you’re someone that likes to get sheets to help put you in a festive mood, you can do that too! There are endless possibilities with flannel sheets, when it comes to decorating.

Your Comforter Will Be Missing its Soulmate

The thrill of finding the perfect duvet cover or comforter is only halfway complete until you seal the purchase with a set of matching flannel sheets. Every shoe has its pair, and every perfect bedding set needs soft, velvety sheets of the right color and pattern. Make your bedroom's renaissance satisfying by grabbing a matching duvet made of the ultra-rare Supima cotton, which is only among the top 3% of U.S. crops.

You Won't Experience the Cozy Quilt-Flannel Combo

There's something magical about a super soft quilt that just gets better when you dress it up with a set of brushed cotton flannel sheets. When early fall and mild winters call for bedding that isn't so heavy, this divine bedding combo will lull you to sleep—without sweating. And, you have the pleasure of mixing and matching your sheets with the many patterns and styles of quilts we have in stock, which makes every bedding change a stylish adventure!

You Won't Get to Snuggle Up

Alright, this might be a matter of opinion, but getting snuggled up in flannel sheets with someone special is the best on a cold winter evening. While cotton and other sheets can be great for snuggling, flannel is the undisputed king of sheets when it comes to snuggling! Add in your favorite movie, some popcorn, and your favorite blanket. It’ll be the best snuggle you’ve ever had.

So, long story short, you’ll be missing out if you don’t have a pair of amazingly warm and soft flannel sheets! 


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