Why Men’s Long Johns Are a Winter Must Have

Why Men’s Long Johns Are a Winter Must Have

The right clothing keeps us comfortable and stylish all winter long. They may not be high on your list (yet), but when planning your winter wardrobe, don’t forget that men’s long johns are a must-have. Let’s look at why you will want to buy some of these cozy guys.

Not Your Grandfather’s Long Johns

The term “long johns” conjures up all kinds of outdated ideas. Often, we think of these garments as looking kind of like head-to-toe sweaters with a flap in the back that men used to wear under work clothes in the winter. These “union suits” as the one-piece versions are called helped your ancestors brave the elements, but their high-tech offspring available today could hardly be more different. At Lands’ End, we have you covered with the latest options.

Long johns are two-piece thermal underwear, consisting of a top and a bottom. These evolved from sleepwear and have gone through many iterations over the generations. Today, men’s long underwear fits better and is sleeker. There are also many more style choices available.

Fabric choice is key when it comes to long johns. You want them to keep you warm, be thin enough to layer easily underneath different types of clothing, and be breathable. Silk is a great choice for long johns because it's one of nature’s best insulators. Silk will keep you warm when you need it, cool when you need it, and be breathable through it all. This gives you the advantage of being able to wear long johns for outside wear, and not needing to change the minute you come back inside. This is key for winter comfort. High-tech synthetics are also a great choice for long johns. Our Thermaskin technology is among the best of the bunch. It's a soft and stretchy fabric to add warmth without restricting movement, wicks moisture away from your body to keep your skin dry, and even has an odor control finish to keep the fabric fresh. Think of the highest-tech athletic wear you know and then translate it to long johns. That's Thermaskin.

Active Lifestyle

Do you enjoy skiing, running, or cycling in the winter? Yes, we even cycle in the winter in Wisconsin—what we call “fat-tire bikes”. What about spectator sports? As most of us have experienced, there is nothing colder than the fourth quarter of a football game (even if your team is winning). Long johns to the rescue! Why not ski, jog, cycle, or cheer in comfort instead of just toughing it out? Winter pastimes are supposed to be fun.

One of the best advantages of long johns is that they're made for layering. The best layers “disappear." Not only do they fit so sleekly that they don’t show under your other clothing (unless you want them to by showing off that cool long john turtleneck for example), but they're so comfy that you will hardly even notice that you’re wearing them.

Winter Work Outdoors

Long johns are great for leaf blowing, snow shoveling, and dozens of other outdoor chores. Whether you need to throw on your long johns under your men’s jeans and a men’s flannel or make them your base layer for a full outfit of winter gear including a cozy waterproof down jacket, long johns will be there for you.

If your winter work is more like play (i.e., hiking, hunting, or winter camping) that base layer will be even more important as you will be spending a greater amount of time out in the elements. If you love the great outdoors, make sure to check out all of Lands’ End's outerwear options. We can keep you comfy no matter what adventures you have on tap. Make sure you will be warm from head to toe. If you don’t already have a pair in your closet, include a warm pair of men’s boots on your winter shopping list. You’ll be glad you did.

Anytime You Need Extra Warmth

Although most of us think of only wearing long johns in the depths of winter, they're the perfect transitional garments, too. When fall gets a little too chilly or spring isn’t quite warm enough, long johns will keep you comfy. Because of the body-skimming fit of long johns, they even make good office wear. If you're a commuter, work in a climate-controlled office that has cold spots, or need to take frequent trips during the day to see clients necessitating going in and out of the cold, long johns can keep you cozy no matter your business attire.

Whatever you're up to this winter, make sure that you have a pair of men’s long johns to keep you cozy!


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