Why I Love My Flannel Shirt

Why I Love My Flannel Shirt

Soft, comfortable, and stylish, flannel shirts can be worn in many different ways. It’s no wonder flannel shirts have been a beloved wardrobe piece by men and women alike for decades. Perfect for both fall and winter temperatures, the flannel shirt is a classic staple that’s here to stay. Here’s why so many love flannel shirts–and why you need to add some to your cool-weather wardrobe.

Flannel Styles Have Evolved

Flannel shirts originally have their roots as the clothing worn by Welsh farmers in the 17th century, but these men's flannel shirts have come a long way since then. Today’s looks, while warm and practical, also run the gamut in color and style. You’ll find bold colors, unique color mixes, stylish tailored cuts, a variety of collar designs, and many more details that make them a far cry from their original purpose of being purely functional clothing. Today, flannel shirts still retain the appeal of warmth and durability of their earlier days, so you know you are investing in a cozy shirt style that will only feel better with age.

Flannel Shirts Have a Universal Style Appeal

There are few clothing items that can transcend style boundaries, but flannel shirts, like flannel pajamas, are one of them. Flannel shirts look just as stylish paired with a country-style aesthetic as they do with a grunge-inspired outfit. You can wear a flannel shirt with denim, colored denim, khaki shirts, skirts, leggings, twill slacks, casual pants, or even as a nightshirt. Tie them at the waist with shorts and a t-shirt as a great look for summer evenings, or wear it untucked with a maxi skirt for chic style contrast. The options are limitless when it comes to this versatile top.

Easy-Care Flannel Makes Life Simple

The hassles and high costs of dry cleaning will never be an issue when it comes to your favorite flannel shirt. This easy-care fabric is machine washable and dryable, so you can toss it in the washer without a second thought. Flannel also doesn’t wrinkle easily, so you don’t need to worry about ironing it.

Modern Features Make Classic Flannel Shirts Even Better

With today’s innovations, flannel shirts are better than ever before. Features like double-layer yokes add durability and style, while flat seams make shirts more comfortable. Flannel shirts made from combed ringspun cotton are extra soft. Extra attention to felled side and armhole seams adds a polished look to some styles, while others feature functional and practical details like adjustable cuffs. They come in all sizes, from petite to plus size flannel shirts so there are options for everyone.

Flannel Makes a Great Transitional Piece

Flannel shirts are great to wear as seasons are transitioning. As summer starts turning into fall, those crisp breezes won’t require a heavy coat, but a cozy flannel shirt can help you keep warm as the temperatures start to dip. Similarly, they are great to wear during the transition from winter to spring.

They Are a Cold-Weather Staple

While it is a great transition item, let’s face it–flannel really shines as a cold-weather staple. That’s why it's popular in everything from flannel sheets to shirts. Some people practically live in flannel when the leaves finish dropping and the snow begins to fall. Its warmth factor makes it a perfect piece to include in your winter wardrobe.

Get the Durability and Versatility You Want in a Shirt

Flannel is incredibly versatile and can be worn in many ways for men, women, and kids. A flannel shirt will pair well with many items you already have in your closet, so it’s an addition that will make getting dressed in the morning easy. Flannel is also one of the most durable fabrics for a shirt, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out.

Stylish and Practical

There are lots of stylish cuts and great designs for flannel shirts today, so they’ll never look dull or boring. You can pull off a great look with flannel and have the peace of mind that you’ll be warm no matter what winter brings. You can find everything from solid-colored or cute print flannel button-downs in smart cuts to classic plaid flannels done in relaxed designs. It’s easy to please everyone in the family with flannel!

A Flannel Shirt Is the Ultimate in Warmth and Comfort

Aside from style, comfort, and practicality, it all boils down to this: People love their flannel shirts because they represent the ultimate in warmth and comfort. The fabric feels soft and warm to the skin, yet it holds up well to the elements over time. No one wants to wear stiff, itchy, or uncomfortable clothes, which is why flannel’s softness makes it a favorite people have turned to for decades. Winter’s chill won’t be able to touch you when you’re dressed in your favorite flannel shirt!


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