flannel robes

Why flannel robes are the best thing ever invented.

Okay we're here because one of us or both of us loves flannel robes. I'll say it now: I'm in both of these camps.

When it comes to waking up and going to bed we give a lot of credit to our beds. But we're also critical of them. The pillows weren't right, or the comforter was too hot, or maybe one side of the bed is better than the other. Beds are great, sure. But they're not always the best at what they do.

What could possibly fill that role? Flannel robes. Really, think about it. The only time you've ever been upset at your flannel robe is because you left it somewhere else in the house and that's not the robe's fault.

Here are some solid reasons why your flannel robe is an underrated perfection.

The flannel robe is made of flannel. 100% cotton flannel.

BREAKING NEWS: flannel robes…are flannel! Shocking. Really though, so many of us are only getting a new robe because we're looking to add more flannel into our lives. That warm hugging feeling in the morning or later on after a difficult workday – it's incomparable.

It's the same softness as your favorite flannel shirt. And for some reason anytime you look at your robe you get that same warm feeling because you know that once you clock out for the day, you'll be sneaking back into your ideal comfort zone.

Flannel robes can make or break a day.

I don't know about you but I look forward to wearing my robe every day. I sometimes take lunch breaks to go home and wear the flannel for a moment and then drive back to work. Don't believe me? Well, you're right to because I don't do that. But I would if I could.

My flannel robe is a huge part of the routine. When I wake up it's the first thing I wear. I'll get my morning routine done (brew a cup of coffee, catch up on the news, and slowly wake up) and at night it's a great piece to wear when I'm winding down. When I throw on my flannel robe I'm letting my mind and body know when to wake up and go to sleep. It's the bookend to any day.

They won't let you go to work.

Let's be real: when you're REALLY wearing a robe…you're not going anywhere. At best you're getting housework done but that's just so that you can spend the rest of the day lounging around.

If you are running around doing your errands in your robe you're doing one of these two things:

  1. Starting a new trend that will change the way we all approach the world.
  2. You might be sleepwalking. Wake up!

You only need one flannel robe and a great one lasts a very long time.

Nobody has a wardrobe filled with robes. I mean, some people do, but for the most part we're still going to function with just one robe.

Every once in awhile you might have to replace your beloved flannel robe. They always last longer than you think so you have to get caught up on all the flannel robe news, which brings you here.

When you find the perfect robe for you, you'll have yourself a new morning and nighttime companion. Maybe introduce your new robe to your aging robe so that they can discuss the day to day requirements to help ease this transition of comfort.

:Bonus features.

Robes have pockets and you can tie it around your waist for that extra bit of customized coziness. If anything has pockets it's a game changer.

When you're bleary eyed in the morning and you're on your way out the door you might check your jacket pockets and think, "oh no, where'd I put my phone!" You're likely to have left it in that place you were at your most relaxed: your robe. Maybe you did that so you could say one last goodbye to the robe of your dreams.

What would make a flannel robe better?

Thomas Edison didn't invent the lightbulb: he improved it. So if we're talking about improving upon a near perfect invention, here's a few ideas for the flannel-robe-inventors.

  • - If your robe knew how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.
  • - Had the ability to lull you to sleep and count sheep for you.
  • - Kept track of time and would wake you up before the last alarm.
  • - If your robe drove to work while you got some extra z's in the passenger seat.
  • - If your robe could play guitar.

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